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Hello again parents! Its great to have ya back with us for the camp news tonight. Today was a wonderful and VERY busy day up here on the mountain.

Wonderful- The weather is so cool and the humidity dropped to almost nothing so the cool air really helps everyone keep their pep in their step all across camp and not to mention when they get to lay down to sleep in the cool weather, thats just a bonus!

Busy— well, thats just every day during the summer what can I cay? The campers in horse back are doing so well they started out on their trail rides today and all the girls were excited to get to see other parts of camp they usually don’t see as they made their way through the wooded area on the horse trails.

Wonderful- The progress the older campers are making in their classes is unbelievable. The ladies in the caving and rappelling class mastered one of the hardest techniques on rope called a “change over” where they have to re-rig and change directions from climbing to rappelling and vice versa all while on rope! Its not easy at all but everyone of them learned it and conquered it today.

Busy- The campers have been looking all over camp turning over every rock and looking under every bush to try and find the golden horseshoe thats hidden. Which ever club finds the horse shoe gets a big chunk of club points to help their club win the point cup I talked about last night.

Wonderful- The RANGERS found the horseshoe today! (thats wonderful if your camper is a Ranger- if not, dot worry, the Ranger captain gets to hide it again and then every one stats looking again…. no she can’t tell her club mates where she hid it)

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Busy- the girls at the rifelry class have been very busy working on their grouping and placement of shots and it shows. They all were hitting close to the bullseye if not in the bullseye already. Some of you dads may have some good hunters to go with you after camp is over! (and Mom’s too if you hunt !!)

Busy- (I know, its supposed to be wonderful but like I said…it’s been a VERY busy day!)- The girls in the swimming class have been doing lots of laps in the pool and river. Maybe the cooler weather had something to do with them constantly moving to help stay warm today?

Wonderful- I got another treat from one of the cooking classes. Todays main course was Protein snacks where they brought me a nice round ball of peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips and several other items I couldn’t identify other then they tasted great! (whoever dropped a line to them that I didn’t get anything on that first day….. I really appreciate it!!!)

Busy- Mountain biking has been traveling all over the mountain taking trips our of camp and up to the brow and down to a little place called Taylors Ford where they get to ride their bikes across the river! Those girls are really getting into shape with all the biking they’re doing!

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Wonderful- All the new friends I see around camp. The girls are meeting all sorts of new people and you can tell ‘cause they’re always in different groups when I talk to them at Beli Deli. There are a few that look me up each day and say hi or give me a hard time. Its great fun and they always introduce me to someone new they’re with.

I could go on and on, but that would just be busy work and you wouldn’t think its that wonderful (ya see what I did there??). In all honesty folks, the girls are doing so well. Some of the projects in arts and crafts are nearing completion. Today while I was coiling some of the ropes from the rappelling class I heard about 20 campers all yelling and encouraging another camper to take her first ride off the V swing. It took a few minutes but then they all busted out into cheering and I knew what had just happened. Someone had just done something she hadn’t done before and when I looked around the corner, the smile from ear to ear made it really easy to tell which one to was. I guess we all get by with a little help from our friends…. (lets see who picks up on that????)

Before I go, I’ve had a few people ask us about “Waldograms” I mentioned a few nights ago. Just look in the corner of the screen when your in waldo and you should see a link that looks like an envelope or telegram (checking your age there!!) and click on it. You should see a templet to place a larger picture on one side of a post card and on the other side a place to write your message and then place another smaller picture as the stamp. I hope you guys can find it, the girls love it when we deliver the waldograms to them with the mail.

Tonight was Candy Crush where the campers went around from state to station, in their cabin groups. At each station was a group of counselor with strange request they all had to do to get a balloon with mystery points in them. OSMe of the actions they had to perform were making a basket on the basketball court, rolling down the hill to arts and crafts (one of my favorites!), move an oreo from their forehead to there mouth without using their hands (anothet good one!) and so forth. At the time of this posting, the results haven’t been relayed to me yet… I guess they’re still busy?

You guys have a great night, congrats to the Rangers for finding the golden horse shoe and were all looking forward to another cool day tomorrow! You guys get some rest were almost halfway there!


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