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A happy hump day to ya parents!! Can you believe its Wednesday already? Time flies when your havin’ fun and I’m here to tell ya, it has flown by so far this session. As I was walking through camp, I ran into a group of mini campers (remember, I told ya they all traveled like little ducklings……all together and in a line) today and they all were so excited about just coming from horseback, they went into every little detail about the different horse’s they rode, what projects they were heading to work in in arts and crafts, how cold the pool water was, you know…. every little detail about everything that happened so far in their day. I stood there and listened eagerly and agreed with everything they said. Amazingly, with everyone I get to work with up here at an all girls camp, there seems to be a lot of conversations that go this way….

Mother Nature was true to being Mother Nature today while the forecast was for rain, we actually didn’t get any until the very end of the day. That was good news for all the campers as they were able to have an almost full day of activities. By now they are in full swing and all know their way around. They waste no time getting from one area of campo the next. I even have several campers in my caving and rappelling class that ASK to skip Beli Deli snack time so they can keep practicing their techniques on the rope. All their hard work is paying off. Just today I had one camper that got to the edge on the top of the tower ready to rappel down and once she got out over the edge wanted to come back up and not do it. The other campers in class encouraged her to keep on and wouldn’t let her give up. She struggled a little but made it down on her own. Thirty minutes later when it was time for Beli Deli, she was one of the ones wanting to keep rappelling over that same edge that scared her before, she made it 4 more times before the class was finished. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone… she knocked it out of the ball park.

You don’t need a tower and a lot of height to grow your comfort zone, I see it in the campers at archery, getting on a giant horse and riding it all on your own, jumping off the diving board at the pool, doing a back flip in gymnastics…you name it, these girls are getting confidence in everything they do. I can’t wait to see what I have to report back on as the week goes on.

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I know someone out there is actually reading my news letters (I hope theres at least 3 or 4 of y’all reading this!) because someone must have told their camper in cooking class that I made a comment about how delicious the pigs in blankets on Monday LOOKED. (i didn’t get to taste them). ‘Cause today during a break in the activities I had several campers run up to me with a cookie dough brownie they had just made in cooking class and very enthusiastically let me know that brownie was for me…….it was delicious! (and cookie dough is one of my favorite food groups, right there with mac and cheese as my favorite vegetable!). If your daughter is taking the cooking class they should come home with a little notebook of recipes from this session, trust me on this, let them cook for you when they get home. You won’t be disappointed!!

Now as wonderful as all this sounds, we did have a little rain today at the end of the day and most of the girls ended up in the gym where some massive games of ships and sailors, dodgeball and of course a dance off broke out. I don’t think they even knew it was raining they were so into all the games in the gym.

The rain quit before dinner but it had made everything outside wet enough that we did change our night time activity from Get Skyline back to an “inside activity” of a “Cheer “off between the different clubs. The girls had 30 minutes to get together with their clubs and come up with a cheer and dance routine (I think I see a pattern of when girls get all together and some sort of dancing…..could be a law, I don’t know). I didn’t make it to the cheer off (I just hate that I missed it…) but I could HEAR it no matter where I was in camp. I don’t know how any of ‘em have their voices left after tonight. Once it was all yelled and done, the winners were……………………….. (you hear that little drum roll in your heard yet? I thought you would). Rangers 3rd, Mounties 2nd and the Terrific Troopers 1st again!! Thats 2 wins in a row for the Troopers as they stack up points for the point cup and spirit cup thats will be awarded at the end of the session. They’re on a roll!!!

Tomorrow is gonna be another fun filled day with hopefully lots of sun to play in. The rain isn’t bad and it keeps the temps down (its supposed to be in the upper 50s Thursday!) but I’’m sure everyone will appreciate a little sun N fun for a few days!

Tomorrow night our activity will be “Candy Crush” where each cabin will make their way around camp going from secret location to secret location to find a counselor or two just waiting on them with a task the whole group will have to perform in order to get a balloon with a hidden amount of points for their club. Just like in real life, some stations may not be what they seem and a station or two may have counselors that actually have balloons that have negative points in them. Its a fun night with everyone doing al sorts of crazy things and no one knows how many points they have until they all end up back at the gym and we bust the balloons to add up the totals! I’ll be back tomorrow night to let ya know how it goes and who the winners were.

Its a little earlier tonight (thank goodness!!!!!!) than the last couple nights so you guys don’t stay up too late looking through all the pics and readying these crazy blogs, get some sleep. Some of y’all are looking tired and you’ll need your rest if you wanna keep up the everything this session, we still have a long way to go!!!

Get some sleep, and don’t make me tell you again!!

Have a great night, I plan on getting to bed early and you should do the same!!!!


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