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A warm and happy Sunday to ya parents. It was a beautiful Sunday morning as all our campers (and counselors and Me too!!) got to sleep a little a little later and then enjoy our camp tradition of homemade doughnuts for breakfast. Of course we had more than just doughnuts but thats all that my eyes saw (other than a large coffee!!) when I walked into the dining hall this morning!
After breakfast it ws time for Sunday school and then our camp church service where we were treated to our favorite former counselor/admin Aja Grimes. Aja is such a blessing to have for the campers to get to listen to as she shares her stories and always brings a lot of energy and usually a dance or two for all the campers to learn as she delivers her Sunday message. Everyone loves Aja and this morning was no different.

After our Sunday lunch of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and a dessert of cobbler and ice cream it was time for rest hour and then this afternoons special activity. I know last night in the camp news I told ya the afternoon activity was gonna be a carnival. well……. Let’s just say that was fake news (if you’ve watch ANY news channel in the last few years you know that tends to be a constant, but thats a whole ‘nother story!) Anyway, I was wrong! (I thought I was wrong once before, but I was mistaken).

First session has their own special afternoon activity that we only do during first session. And that is COLOR WARS! all the campers gathered on our playing field in their clubs and each club was armed with plenty of colored dry color and at testate of the game, they all charge out to the middle and lets the fun begin! The air is filled with blends of all the different colors as the color dust flies around when they throw it at each other over and over again. The fin part of they activity is that they’re all wearing white shirts so the color will show up but like I said… the color dust goes EVERYWHERE and when its all said and done they are usually covered head to tow with different colors. DOn’t worry though, nothing a quick dip in the water can’t take care of and after being out on the field all afternoon, a dip in the water is something every camper looks forward too!!.

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After color wars, its time to get cleaned up and then get ready for flag lowering and our picnic dinner. The campers enjoy getting to eat out on the camp sitting in the shade and enjoying some down time as they have dinner.

Once dinner is complete, we mix things up a little and head to our evening campfire. Usually thats the last thing we do before we head off to bed but today we do campfire earlier so we can give the sun a little more time to set before we have Counselor Hunt! All the counselors will hide anywhere they can in camp and the campers will team up as groups from each club and then search everywhere for them. When I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! up in the trees, inside trashcans, under the climbing tower, you name it, and they’ll be lookin there. Once they find a counselor they get escort them back to the gym for their club points and then its right back out to find some more of those rascally counselors.

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I’m happy to let ya know (the truth this time!) the final results from tonight are… Troopers 3rd, Mounties 2nd, and the Rockin’ Rangers first!!!! ! Way to go girls. Be sure to congratulate your camper, especially if she’s a Ranger.

Tomorrow we will be back at it with all the activities except for the girls in the caving and rappelling class. We’ll head out of camp to spend all day underground and explore/play in one of he caves not too far from camp. All in all, we’ll spend about 5-6 hours underground, To some of y’all reading this, this might not sound like your kind of thing…. let me say this….. its always 57 degrees in the caves!!! Throw in the fact we’ll get to have a rest hour in 57 degree temps and pitch black conditions, thats a pretty good day. We’ll have the camera with us as we play underground so you can see all the fun when we get back.

Well, thats about it for our Sunday, Hope you guys at home had a good weekend and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow night!!

Hang in there, your on the downside now and I just know you can make it the rest of the way!