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Fantastic Friday to ya parents!! At least I think its Friday, my calendar just says Dance Night so thats what I’m going with. If it IS Friday, then that means today was the last day for the min campers in activities. That must be right cause tonight before the big dance, we all were treated to a special presentation of the dance the mini campers have been working on all week. They didn’t disappoint either, they walked right out to the front of the tennis courts and put on a great performance in front of the whole camp. As soon as they finished the rest of camp gave them a standing “O” to show ‘em how much they appreciated it. If your picking up a mini camper tomorrow be sure to have ‘em show ya their dance. They’ve worked hard on it.

Speaking of the Mini campers, we sure are gonna hate to see the little guys go. They’ve been so much fun watching them all around camp in their club colors and activities. Everywhere they went they were always together, following each other like a bunch of little ducklings. We sure are gonna miss you guys. Have fun at home keeping up with all your new friends you’ve made this past week.

The rest of camp has been busy today too. Earlier this week, our nighttime director Anna Clayton, challenged each cabin to come up with a new cabin song. Now usually when this happens its a decent song but this year…… WOW!!! Several cabins came up with some songs that would have made Kasey Kassem talk about on his top 40 (lets see how many of y’all out there remember that?) I gotta throw my props to Riverside though. Their new cabin song was to the theme from The Little Mermaid and they were fabulous! I couldn’t believe it when I heard them sing it the first time. Everyone of them actually knew the new words and they were in tune……. well kinda. Either way, it was good!!

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The Golden horse shoe still remains hidden, despite all the campers efforts of looking under every bush and behind every tree, that magical golden horseshoe that is full of club points is still out there somewhere. I’ll let ya know when someone actually finds it and sprints to the camp bell to ring it so everyone will know its been found.

Our campers in the caving class made it underground and back on top again. It was a cool but very muddy several hours in the cave and all the campers there loved the jungle gym feeling of scrambling up and over every rock formation. The especially loved the portion called “pancake squeeze” you guessed it, its exactly as advertised and if you look through the pics, I’m sure you can see the ones from there.

While we were underground and cool, the rest of camp was on the surface and sports class was enjoying a wild soccer game out on the sports field. Rumor has it they even managed to entice two of our maintenance guys to pick side to even it up and play with ‘em. It was a greta day to be out and playing cause even though we haven’t had any rain lately (I honestly wouldn’t mind some the next few days), the cloud cover we had today kept the temps a lot cooler than they have been and it was perfect to be outside moving around.

I really noticed the cooler temps when I was watching the campers out on the zip line today. They were wiping as fast as they could go over and over agin. You could hear the screams of fun followed by the trolly rolling down the cable all day long. It caught my attention more than a few times today as I would hear them yell as they sailed above the field and up towards the terminal end of he cable. If you’ve never gotten to experience the fun of a good zip line you really need to try it. Just ask your camper about it!!

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And finally today its back to the mini campers (hey! its their last day, I gotta give ‘em their shout outs before the leave!!). Today they all enjoyed riding the horses naked! The horses were naked, not the mini campers!!! They got to ride and race bareback today and they loved it. On top of that they had other contest while on the horse like whistling (or trying to) while you chewed 3 crackers (if you haven’t tried that, go ahead, give it a shot before you judge! Its not as easy as you think!!) Beside of riding bareback, racing and eating crackers, they also got to make a Paint horse. It may not have been that breed of horse at the beginning of class, but by the end those minis had it painted just fine.

Well, like I said, its been another fulfilled and busy day. Rumor has it it’s still Friday (not for much longer if I keep typing slow), there been a lot going on and tomorrow will be another wild day as long as Mother Nature holds out. Its forecast for some rain in the morning and while I don’t want that during the mini campers departure, I really wouldn’t mind if we had some rain sometime during the day.

Tomorrow night we’re gonna slow things down a little bit and let everyone enjoy the cooler temps that are forecast out on the tennis courts as we enjoy Movie Night! Everyone will come to dinner dressed in their PJ’s and ready to grab a bag of popcorn as they spread out with their pillow and blanket out under the stars. I know I’m gonna…uh…. I mean THEY are gonna enjoy the down time of kicking back and relaxing outside. I’ll let ya know how many make it through the night and stay awake!

Have a great weekend (it IS the weekend coming up…right????). We’ll see ya back here tomorrow night!!