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A sleepy hello to ya parents!! Its been another great day up here on the mountain. Campers in full swing of camp by now, low (and I mean REALLY LOW) humidity which makes the lower temps feel just perfect, nice sunny skies and plenty of smiles all around. The only thing that’s not great today is the fact that it’s our mini campers last day. All our little buddies will be heading home tomorrow (Saturday) and we sure are gonna miss them. I have gotten more “hi Larry’s!!!” from these guys than any other year. I get the daily report of how horseback and archery went. You guys at home that will be gettin’ your mini camper back tomorrow will have to fill in and check on the little ones for me and be sure to ask about their day!

While the rest of our campers will still be with us for another week there is still plenty going on to report about so sit back and lets get the news started!!

One of the more important things to let ya know is that the captain of the rangers has re hidden the golden horseshoe and now the hunt continues. I’ll let ya know if the rangers can find it again or if another club can sneak in and take it away!

My 2 day streak of getting to sample the cooking class productions has come to a screeching halt. It be perfectly fair, it isn’t the girls fault. I was busy this morning getting ready to take our caving and rappelling class on their first out of camp trip to rappel some rock edges over in Georgia. Im happy to let ya know they all did amazingly well and you could see them get more confident with each trip up and down the different ropes we hung. I added their pictures to todays set a little late so if you haven’t scrolled through all the pics since about 7 PM go back and take a peek at what they did today. You’ll be surprised at how good they look working their ropes gear! Tomorrow will be an “in class” day going over some survival tips and preparing for our next trip on Monday to spend all day under ground in a cave!

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Our nighttime activity tonight (yes…I forgot to tell you about it last night…sorry ‘bout that!) was Dance Night!. You couldn’t have picked a better night for everyone to enjoy a night out on the tennis courts, under the stars dancing and singing together. We were treated to a special dance featuring just the mini campers as they all got out in front of the rest of the camp and showed off their dance they have been working on all week in class. Needless to say the rest of camp gave them a standing “O” when they finished and they earned every bit of it. If you’re a parent of a mini camper be sure to have them show you their dance routine when you get them home! zOf course after they were finished, it didn’t take long for several Conga lines to form and of course there was plenty of line dancing to some camp favorites. The girls really enjoyed themselves dancing and “singing?” to every song they played. I was a little surprised how EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) joined in and sung a 200 plus member version of Someone named Taylor Swift (I’m just kidding, I know who she is…..not by choice though….just saying….If they had played something from George Strait I would ave been rich there with them joining in!)

Tomorrow beside it being mini leaving day, will also be another full day of class and then after all the excitement we’ve had this week, we’ll slow things down a bit (thank goodness!!!) and let everyone gather under the stars again for an out door movie. All the campers will come to dinner dressed in their PJ’s and after dinner, its time to grab a bag of popcorn for each camper and then head out and get comfortable with their pillow and sleeping bag or whatever stye have to sit back and enjoy the show. Not sure how many will actually make it through the whole movie while staying awake, but if i was a betting man, I’d take the under on whatever number I was given. Of course I could be wrong, that may just be me interjecting my own sleepy feelings into the wager.

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Well, its starting to get a little late again (…. I’d like to blame anyone else, but it probably has something to do with my lack of typing skills and how long it takes me to get the blog written each night) anyway, Thats all for tonight ‘cause its time for me to have little discussion with Mr. Sandman if ya know what I mean!

Y’all have a great night and I’ll be in camp all day tomorrow so I’ll have much more detailed description of everything that happens!!

Have a good night,