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Hellooo parents!! Your daughters didn’t waste any time today getting right to their activities. Before I knew it this morning, they were already up on their horses, on the ropes course, in the pool and we even had a few that didn’t wanna wait long until they got bullseyes in archery. It was great to see them getting right into the thick of things and start their activities. Our sports class was playing what I though was “Partner Gaga Ball” when i saw then playing in pairs and with their elbows locked together. When I stopped to ask about it I was ever so quickly corrected (by all of them!!) that they were playing “offense and defense” where one partner has to play one or the other and they can’t let go. It was fun to watch them work together protecting their partners or relying their partner to take out other teams.

Like I sad just a paragraph back, the campers were all getting right into their activities from the start. In our Caving, Survival & Rappelling class, they didn’t take but just a few minutes on the preliminary training before we were out at the tower and going to the top and down many times using only the rope and the ascender devices they just learned how to use. Its looking like its gonna be a fun session with everyone so eager to jump in a participate.

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One class I didn’t get to stop in and check on (but I will tomorrow!!) is our cooking class! From the looks of todays pics, the pizza rolls they lade looked delicious! I do my investigative part for you guys tomorrow and be able to give you a better description of how tomorrow’s menu taste. Really….. I don’t mind, I’ll do it for you guys at home!

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Tonight we stated the camp nighttime activities off with a camper favorite, Sock Wars!. Remember when I talked about how competitive the clubs are between the girls? Well, it you look at the pics from tonights activity, you can see for yourself, they went all out with their spirit and effort as they defended their club flags and searched out for the others clubs flag in their section of the camp. Only thing is ya gotta watch out! Every camper is toting an armload of stuffed socks they can use to “tag” other campers in a different club that might be looking to take their flag. If they are hit by a thrown sock, they have to report to the scorers table with their arms over their head and then their right back in the game, running, yelling and throwing hundreds of stuffed socks at each other. Do you even have to ask if they’re asleep yet or not after an energy burning night like tonight!! If I was playing like they were Id be on a coughs with ice packs on my shoulders and taking Advil like M&M’s just to was the pain. Oh to be young and foolish agin!!

After all the action out in camp and the air being filled with stuffed socks flying in every direction (I’m pretty sure some of them had no idea where any of their throws were heading, they were just gonna send then downrange and let the carnage happen) the final results were…………….. (ya hear that little drum roll in your head????)………… Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the Terrific Troopers 1st!!!! Way to go girls! Be sure to congratulate your camper, especially if she’s a Trooper for their first club win of the session. That gives them an early lead in the point cup that will be awarded at the end of the session.

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After a busy first day and then and even busier first full night of club activities, tomorrow night were gonna slow things down little bit and all end up in the gym for “Game Night”. This is where all the campers will get to compete in a series of good ol fashioned TV game shows like Family Feud, Jeopardy, American Idol, Win Lose or Draw, Minute to Win It and more. Its a fun night where they’ll a; get to have some fun and at the same time let them get their legs under them again so they can get ready for The next day of activities again.

I hope everyone is enjoying all the pics and daily video that goes up each night. Our photographers have a schedule of every class thats happening each day. They will get around to every class but it takes a few days to get to them all. If your camper happens to have the 3 morning classes that they get to on any day, you will think they’re great cause you’ll see a lot of pics of your camper. Only problem is the next day they will be going to some different activities in the morning to make sure they get them all covered so you might not see as many that day. Just be patient, they WILL get around to every class, but you have to trust the process. Of course if you haven’t seen picture of your daughter in 2-3 days, drop me a line and I’ll pass it along to them so they can go out and find your camper. Only thing is, we can’t do special request of getting a campers picture on a certain horse, while she’s wearing a blue shirt,, etc… you get the idea..

Well, it’about time to get some sleep, I’m pretty sure I’m WAY behind all the campers that were playing tonight, but I will do my best to catch up and get to bed ASAP. I bet I’m pretty successful! You guys do the same. we still have a long way to go!!

Have a great night, we sure did!!