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Hello parents and as our daily videos say…. Welcome to Day 3! I gotta start off by telling ya one of the best things about being a girls camp in North Alabama and on top of Lookout mountain is that each morning when we wake up its around 62 degrees and each night when we head out to start our nighttime activities, it has cooled off to around 73 the rest of the day, it does tend to get a little warmer but so far nothing too bad. Still the cool nights and morning make for a great way to start and end the day!

I’ve had a couple people email and ask about sending the pre mentioned Waldograms to their campers. I’ve been on the phone with Waldo several times today and they are putting together a video to easily explain the Waldogram to camper process. Heres the nuts and bolts of how to send a Waldogram to your camper.

#1. it has to be done from a mobile phone, the laptop/desktop version is still in the works.

#2. On the “Events” page (home page), click on the “shop” on bottom right corner

#3. Click on “Waldograms” and then click top banner that says “Send your camper a card today”

#4. select camper and then put in cabin name

#5. tap the large square with a camper in it to choose the large picture, tap the top right square to choose another picture for the “stamp”, tap the paper and pen icon to write your message.

I hope this helps explain it to any of y’all that want to send a Waldogram. I’ll post the video as soon as I get it sent to me. Now, back to today’s happenings!

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Today was another fast paced day as all the girls are now in full camp mode in all their activities. I did have the privilege of hanging out at archery with a group of mini campers and you should have seen them do their best slingin’ arrows at the targets. By the end of the class, they were cheering on their counselors in a mini tournament and each one had their favorite counselor they were cheering for. After that it was off to tennis for the mini campers and I have a good rule to keep me from getting hurt……. stay away from the tennis court. So I let them head out and keep going with their day.

Of course while I was there I was right next to the cooking class and didn’t have the opportunity to sneak in there and taste todays cookings. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to stop by and see whats cooking. Meanwhile out in the rest of camp, the girls at circus were flying high working on tricks on the Mexican Cloud swing and flying trapeze. Once it got a little warm to hang out watching them, it was time to drift by the Arts and crafts center (its in the shade and by the river!) and look at some fo the projects they are working on down there. Its hard to believe they’ve only been at camp and in class for 3 days with as much progress as they’ve made already.

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After that it was time to teach my own class of CSR (Caving, Survival and Rappelling). Now I don’t wanna brag on the campers in my class, but I’m gonna, just a little bit. Today was the 2nd day on ropes and they worked on transitioning the edge which means going from a 30 foot vertical climb to getting over the top of the tower (cliff) where the rope turns 90 degrees. Its not easy at all and requires a lot of practice. These campers knocked it out of the ball park and did so well they got to learn how to coil rope in a caver coil (its the equivalent of getting to pick up after yourself when you’re done playing). They jumped right in and several of them even remembered how to do it from last year! Who woulda thought they’d remember how to properly clean up? Mom’s remember this when they come home, cleaning their room is about the same!!

Tomorrow our CSR class will take their first out of camp trip to Howard’s Waterfall Cave where we’ll spend the majority of the day underground and even have lunch and a semi rest hour there. It may not sound like fun to a lot of you but its always 57 degrees underground so were all looking forward to it. Be sure to check the pics tomorrow when we get back!

Tonight we all enjoyed Game Night in the gym where all the cabins got to compete in familiar (and some not so familiar) game shows. Each cabin would come up and have their own game show to play. We had wheel of fortune, win lose or draw, American Idol or lip sync battle and some strange ones where they covered a counselor and two of our older campers face with whipped cream and then had the campers in their cabins try to throw gummy works on their face and get them to stick to the whipped cream. Not real sure how that played out but it looked fun if you were on of the ones with your face covered! At the end of the night we had several winners. Deweys Den won the game show contest while Riverside Upstairs won the lip sync battle with a great rendition of The Terminate from the Disney show “Lemonade mouth” (at least thats what I was told….I’ve never seen it personally)

Tomorrow will be another busy day of activities followed by “Get Skyline Back” where counselors will bust into the dinning hall and take the club leaders and flags captive. As soon as the rest of the campers have finished their dessert, they’ll all head out to get their leaders and flag back….. all they gotta do is avoid being hit by a stuffed sock (I know…. stuffed socks again…… you’ll hear of them a LOT while your camper is here). Its a fun game with campers running and diving around, learning all sorts of tactics and doing whatever is necessary to free their club leaders, Just wait till you see the pics and video and then you’ll be really confused!!!!

Well, its starting to get a little late so I’m about to hit the hey and get ready for a day underground. You guys have a great night and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow.

Have a good night