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A warm and happy hello to ya parents from North Alabama! I gotta tell ya, as warm as it was up here on top of Lookout Mountain, I know for a fact it was much cooler here than down in the valley. Even in the heat, all the girls still enjoyed their activities even if they were “modified” a little bit to adjust for the weather. Our tennis and sports activities all incorporated water balloons and super soakers into their day. Circus took advantage of our air-conditioned dining hall and used the time to go over some Cirque Du Sole movies. As I walked through during one of their classes I could hear the girls all getting excited when they saw the performers doing some of the tricks they had been actually working on here at camp! Our CSR class used the day to stay inside for a while and work on some survival skills and then we spent the rest of the time preparing for tomorrows trip to another cave. It will be a great day to be underground tomorrow as the temps in the caves are always 57 degrees!

Another “cool” time was our fitness class getting in a little yoga in the top of our newest cabin, Summerplace and even the girls at arts and crafts were finishing up their projects enjoying the breeze off Little River. Of course the waterfront is always a camper favorite with them playing on the Lilly Pads or waterslide in the river or just hanging out with some friends splashing around at the pool. One thing is certain though, m they all are having a great time even if it is just hanging out in the shade or enjoying a cool treat from Beli Deli during snack time.

Its hard to believe theres just a few days left in 1st session. It seems like only a night or two ago when we were just gettin’ to know each other here on the camp news. yep, in just a couple short weeks your campers have gone for “should I try it?” to “come on, lets do it again!!” Thats a phrase I hear in all the actives like horseback, ropes course, circus, even the before mentioned waterslide had some campers that may have been a little nervous the first time they went down it.

Another great thing about being at an all girls summer camp is watching the girls learn to actually communicate with each other again with out using their thumbs. They actually talk to each other face to face and would you believe, they even look each other in the eye sometimes while their having their conversations! Who would have thought that crazy stuff like that would come back into fashion?!? Sometimes you can get so far ahead by taking a little time and just baking up to doing things the way we did them not too long ago. (of course I m just talking about the campers…. you and I have been communicating using technology WAY too much these past weeks! Know what I mean??

Its almost impossible believe that tomorrow (Wednesday) will be the last day of classes here at camp. Time has flown by and were almost to the end of the session, your campers will be so proud of how well you’ve done on the computer or phone keeping up with all the things they’ve done.

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Earlier in the session, we had to postpone our evening activity “Get Skyline Back” where the counselors came into the dining hall at dinner dressed as Camp Laney boys and took the club leaders and flags hostage……(if you don’t remember, there are some really good details about it in one of the first few blogs of the session). Anyway, tonight we were able to reschedule “Get Skyline Back” and as predicted, all the counselors came in and took the club leaders right out of the dining hall. Now you and I both know, your campers are NOT just gonna stand around and let this happen without a fight! As soon as they finished their desserts (you cannot go on a rescue mission with an empty stomach) they got in their clubs and headed out to get their leaders and club flags back to where they belong. All they had to do was get 4 campers around the legs of each counselor in that area without being tagged by a stuffed sock the counselors happen to have. Ok, they had a LOT of stuffed socks…… If a camper was hit by a thrown sock, they had to report back to the scorers table and then they were right back in the game. Long story short (it may be too late for that…), there was plenty of campers flying around to get to the counselors legs and there were plenty of socks flying around trying to protect said legs (once the counselors were out of socks, it wasn’t much of a challenge anymore, there were a good many more campers than socks!

After each club had completed their task at each of the 3 stations it was time to find the winner (a combination of fastest time, fewest number of campers tagged by the socks, etc…) and here are tonights final results……………………(you hear that little drum roll in your head again?…….did you just nod your head yes??) Rangers 3rd, Mounties 2nd and those Terrific Troopers claim another win for the session!! Way to go mean green machine!!

Like I said, tomorrow will be the last day of classes so everyone will be puttin’ the finishing touches on their pottery or arts projects, geeing those final laps around the ring on their favorite horse, and even our chorus and drama class will have their final dress rehearsal tomorrow for their presentation of Frozen tomorrow night! (is it just me that finds it ironic that I’ve been talking about the heat and they are preforming “Frozen” for all the campers tomorrow, maybe it will help bring some cooler temps).

Well, its time to head off to bed and get ready for a big day tomorrow as everyone finishes all their activities. Hope you guys have a great night and well see ya back here tomorrow for the last blog of the session!

Have a good one,