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Hello Parents! For those of you who don’t know me I’m Frances Lindsey, Camp Mom. I truly have the best job at camp by having the opportunity to visit with your kids and love on them all throughout the day. So I thought you might like to have a “peak” around camp though a Mom’s eye…

We started off the day with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and cantaloupe. From there we head to cabin clean up. I do believe you will be impressed with how well your child can make up her bed and sweep. After the cabin is spotless and the trash is taken out everyone heads to club meetings. It’s fun to hear the leaders teaching club songs and to see some of the older girls doing the younger girls hair into braids.

Today was a big day for the Caving and Repelling group as they headed out to explore inside Howard’s Waterfall Cave. Please take the time to look at the pictures of this brave group of girls and the tight spaces that they crawled through. Larry is so good at encouraging these girls to be their adventurous selves. After their trip I asked them what was the best part and this is what they said, “Making mud balls and throwing them on the ceiling of the cave was cool.”, “Seeing the salamanders inside the cave was cool.”, and “Attempting a nap inside the dark, 57 degree cave was awesome.” They even had an admin join them…Go Becca!!

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Back at camp the minis had an amazing time at horseback. They learned how to talk to a horse and soothe him by telling the horse about their day. The pictures should be cute capturing their conversations. Also Trish, the head of our horseback riding program, taught the girls about horse health care such as keeping the horse cool. I’m sure your girls will love telling you about all they learned today.

I also got to see several classes of Ropes today. These girls are so brave as the climb a tall, wobbly pole to try and jump off and catch a bar. (Don’t worry though they are all harnessed in and wearing a helmet.) They call it the Pamper Pole. One camper tried 6 times and each time she has missed and she still wants to keep trying. That’s perseverance! I told her to find me when she is successful because my motto is, “Two feet on the ground!”. They amaze me!

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And my favorite activity at camp lately has been Sally’s Bible Study. She has this older group of girls thinking about what kind of friends they want to surround themselves with, what kind of friend do they want to be and what is their friendship with the Lord. She also has them understanding how they are fearfully and wonderfully made my God. My hope is that they all glean something from this study and you will see results of this in their daily life.

Tonight’s Nighttime activity was Get Skyline Back. It’s a fun club competition where their counselors dress up as boys and steal the club captain, flag and box. Then the campers go to a designated place in camp to “take back camp” from the “boys” while the “boys” throw cootie bombs at the campers. Once the campers have captured all the “boys” they then search to find their captain, flag and box. Please look at the pictures and see if can figure it out. You might need help from your camper when she gets home to explain it. Winners are Rangers 1st, Mounties 2nd and Troopers 3rd!

Goodnight from Lookout Mountain!

Frances Lindsey

Camp Mom

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