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Howdy parents, I hope you had a great Saturday and start to your weekend! I know we did up here. The day started by having to say goodbye to all our mini campers. They were sure happy to see their parents when they arrived but before they left, they had to make a few rounds to show them where their classes were and say goodbye to their new camp friends. They may have been happy to see their parents, but some of them were not too happy to be leaving. You parents who still have another week before pick up should take note. They’ll be glad to see ya, but not all of them will be happy to leave.

The rest of the campers kept on keeping on with all their camp activities. Mountain biking class has been all over the mountain this past week. They’ve been to the brow (the mountain overlook), the Mentone Market, Camp Laney, a river crossing called Taylors ford (I got to explain to them that “fording a river” meant crossing it and today they made their trip all the way to the Georgia state line. I’d say their class is really rolling right along!

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Back at camp we enjoyed a little bit cooler weather with some good could cover. We didn’t get the rain that was forecast, unless you found the 24 drops that landed on my truck hood over a 4 minute span. Lots of hope and tease, but nothing delivered. Maybe tomorrow??? The ladies at circus class have been working on the Mexican Cloud swing and the “silks”. If you’ve ever seen Cirque Du Sole you probably have seen some of the routines on the silks they perform. Your campers are learning to do some of the same ones!

The zip line was another fun ride today. Campers still continued to take ride after ride down the cable. It was easy to tell when a camper might have been a little scared to take their first ride down the line. As soon as they came off the platform up in the air all the other campers as well as the ones out at circus (just next to the zip line) would cheer them on all the way through their ride. Talk about encouragement, even campers that weren’t in their class were cheering them on.

Our LT (Leadership Training) class, made up of aging out camper who are here at camp for their final year of being a camper, open today learning trust doing an activity in a lyrica tube. Its a stretchy piece of cloth thats sewn into “loop” and you put 4 people at a time inside the tube and they all can lean back and realize they’re using or trusting each other to hold them up and help them sit slowly. They also did a 4 person “starburst” where two (on opposite sides) at a time run past each other and plow into theater side, as they hit the other side of the tube, the stretch pulls the remaining two people forward and they run past each other into their opposite sides. this sends the first two back across and you keep going. Its an activity of trust and you have to rely on all 4 people to stretch the tube when they hit it to send you on your way across. I’m not sure if our videographers were they or not, but if they were, this might help explain what you get to see.

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The campers in rifelry class were right on target (ya see what I did there??). They decided to make their own targets out of paper plates and shoot at them. Kinda like mixing arts and crafts in with their rifelry class. I haven’t gotten to se any of the end results but as soon as I do I’ll let ya know how they did.

Tonight was movie night and every camper came to dinner dressed in their PJ’s and ready to kick back and catch some down time while they enjoyed “Mulan” out under the stars watching the movie. Of course we had a bag of popcorn for every camper, I’m pretty sure its a law somewhere that you have to have popcorn when you watch a movie. Especially if you’re laying outside as you enjoy the cool night air!

Tomorrow will be a special day here at camp. First off, its Sunday and thats a special day all in it’s own but our Sunday will be extra special since we all get to sleep in a little later and then enjoy a breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, fruit, cereal and oh yea…. homemade doughnuts!!. You know mine will be washed down with several large cups of BRCC coffee!

After breakfast and cabin clean up (yes, mom’s they do a pretty good job of making their beds and cleaning their cabins every morning!) it’ll be time for Sunday School and then our camp church in the gym with our guest speaker, Aja Grimes. Aja has been a camp counselor, admin and currently lives in Tennessee. Its a real treat to have her back to share a message with out campers. Everyone loves it when Aja comes back to camp. her message is always point and usually has a lot of energy as she includes a zoomba dance or some other dance for all the campers to learn.

After church it will be lunch time for a big Sunday lunch and then it’ll be carnival time. We’ll have giant inflatables, slip N slides, face painting, games, karaoke, giant Jenga and more!! It will be a festive time for everyone and of course the older campers will have pool time mixed in for those that want to kick back and relax with some friends.

After that it will be time for picnic on the grounds and then counselor hunt. All the counselors will be dressed up in their best camo in an attempt to stay hidden and keep from being found by the campers for club points. Once a camper finds a hiding counselor, that counselor is forced to take the walk of shame back to the gym to see how many club points they’re worth. We’ll let ya know what the outcome is and which club wins the event.

Oh yea!!!! I almost forgot to tell ya, the Rockin’ Rangers found the hidden Golden horseshoe today!!! I saw one of the Rangers looking under the ropes shed and CSR shed today during Beli Deli and before I knew what was happening, she popped up with the horseshoe in her hand. All the Rangers ran to the dinning hall and rang the bell and sang as loud as they could as the celebrated!! Way to go Rangers!!

Well, its time to get to bed and get ready for some doughnuts….I’m in!! Hope y’all are too!!