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Super Saturday to ya parents!! I hope you’re had as much fun today as all your campers did but I doubt it, that would be really hard to do! Today was a big day of first. It was the end of our first mini session and although all the mini campers were happy to see their parents, (and I m being honest…) not all of them were happy to be leaving all their new camp friends they’ve made this past week. Remember this another week from now ‘cause some of y’all may be in the same boat!

Today out in our circus class, your campers were flying high under the big blue sky! There been working on all their circus tricks for the past week. Some up in the air on the Mexican Cloud swing and some on the swinging trapeze. Some fo the campers have been working on what is called “silks”. You may have sen these in some fo the Cirque Du Sole performances where they climb up what looks like a giant silk scarf and perform all sorts of act up in the air. Its kinda like a ballet in the air. In a day of first, one of the campers successfully completed her first trick thats called a “hematoma”. Its a tough trick where your wrapped all up ion the silk and do a series of front summersaults and end up sitting near the bottom in a full split with the sims wrapped around your legs and waist. Needless to say I’m not the one that showed them that, they learned that from the counselors that search out tricks on youtube and other channels to teach the campers. To say she was excited would be a huge understatement she obviously had been working on it all week and today was the day it all came together!

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Another first was one of the campers up on the zip line. Now while there are plenty of campers that may have done it before or not bothered by the thrill of sliding off a platform 30 feet in the air and riding down a steel cable, thats not always the case. This camper took a little longer than the rest to get the courage to take the ride. It didn’t matter though, once she closed her eyes and let out a scream, she enjoyed the zip down the cable with the wind blowing through her hair and you would have thought she just won the lottery! It was great to see her overcome her fear and then jump right back in line to do it again!

Several campers got their first bullseye in archery (I told ya those girls were gettin good!). And today was the first day our cooking class produced buffalo chicken pasta. It was NOT the first time however that I didn’t get to taste the fruits of there labors. I could hear them talking about it around camp but somehow, I missed the cut when it came time to share a little with those not in the class. Oh well, I’m pretty sure Ive had my share and then some at other meals I eaten. I guess it won’t hurt if I burn a calorie or two today and don’t get it replaced!

The other “first” I wanna tell ya about is a good one. Its the first time Ive seen a camper almost fall out of a canoe because of a spider in the canoe. Gotta be honest on this one, I was pulling for the spider for a little while just for the excitement!! I don’t think there were any photographers or videographers there but I hope you can picture just what that chaos would look like. If ya do, I bet you would be pulling for the spider a little too!!

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Tonight was movie night and for the first time, we all enjoyed it out on the tennis courts under the stars and enjoying the cool night air as everyone watched “Princes Diaries” as they laid back in the crazy creeks and sleeping bags. I lost count at how many campers they had to wake up when the movie was finished but it was up there I promise! I really can’t blame them, it was great to sit outside and just relax a little min the cool night air!

Tomorrow is a special day see at camp (ain’t Sunday always a special day though!!). Well let everyone sleep in a little later (thank goodness) and then when they wake, they’ll come to breakfast of homemade doughnuts, fresh fruit, eggs bacon, biscuits, and more! After breakfast it will be time for cabin clean up and then off to Sunday School before our camp church service in our gym. After lunch, it’s be time for rest hour and then its the biggest carnival on the mountain as we have a number of inflatables, carnival game, face painting, karaoke, and of course the older campers will have the option of free swim ay the river and pool. Its a fun time for everyone and the weather should be great for all the festivities!

Tomorrow night will be the camper favorite, counselor hunt. this is where the counselors will dress up in their best camo and try to keep from being found by the campers that will be turning over every rock and checking in every trash can in the hopes of finding a counselor to escort on the walk of shame back to the gym and find out how many points there worth for their club. We’ll let ya know which club wins the hunt and how it all goes tomorrow.

Its a little late (ok…it’s a LOT late) so I’m gonna head off and try some of that sleep stuff Ive been talking about for myself. For those of y’all playing along at home, I hope you are doing the same. Were only half way there and I don’t want ya too tired to enjoy the rest of the session!

Go on, go to bed and get some shut eye………We’ll leave the lights on for ya and see ya back here tomorrow!!

Have a great night!!