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Helloooooo parents and welcome to camp news, or as they call it now…….a daily blog. Call it what ya want, this is where you’ll find all the info about whats going on at camp each day while your camper is here. Opening day went as smooth as silk as everyone got into they cabins and all settled in without a hitch. Which is quite impressive considering how many first year camp parents we had this session. As soon as the last parents were finally out of camp (yes… they were relatives of mine…:-) ), all the campers got busy playing games and learning everything about their new cabin mates, after all they’ll be living together for the next week or two so ya might as well get to know each other, it just make sense…..

Once they finished playing some get to know ya games it was time for a camp tour to learn the where abouts’ of all the camp activities. This included Beli Deli (camp snack store), the water front, arts and crafts, T shirt corral and of course what tour would be complete without a trip up to the barn to visit the camp horses that were as excited to see the campers as the campers were to see them.

All the tours concluded at the gym where each camper got to chose their activity schedule (unless they are a mini camper -1 week- their schedule is already set so they all stay together) and they did their club drawings. Club drawings are an important thing here at Skyline, once you are in a club, you’re in it for good. We have alumnae that stop by camp that are in their 60’s and 70’s and they still hold true to their clubs and their club colors. Here’s a little hint for those of y’all that don’t know yet. If your camper is wearin’ a red shirt in her cabin pics, she’s a Mountie, if she’s wearin’ a blue shirt then she’s a Ranger and if she’s wearin’ a green shirt then she is a Trooper. Here’s a pro hint for ya, don’t get the club colors mixed up! These girls will be going all out for they new clubs while they’re here in the night time activities, you could very easily get on a long standing bad list if you call your camper by the wrong club!

You guys will be gettin a letter home soon with their activity schedule and which club they’re in. Now before ya run out to the mailbox and anxiously wait for that letter to arrive, let me give ya a little insight to the Mentone postal service… sometimes can be a little s…….l……o……w ( sometimes, they take an hour and a half just to watch “60 minutes”, know what I mean?). It will get there, just not as quickly as some of you first year camp parents might like it to.

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After lunch it was time for some more cabin activities, cabin and club pics and then their first official club meeting of 2022 where they chose the club captain, co captain and song leaders.

Y’all may have noticed a familiar theme (or 2) so far. One, is there is a lot of emphasis of cabin activities between all the campers this first day so they can get to know all their new friends and 2, I type just like I talk (which microsoft word hates!) But back to the first theme, cabin time…

Tonights activity is cabin fun night where each cabin gets to choose what activity they get to do as a group. We had everything from water balloon tosses, face painting, Gaga ball tournaments, shaving cream wars, human hungry hungry hippo, and of course spa night! we wrapped the evening up with each cabin coming to the campfire for some S’mores and then had everyone at the campfire for our first nighttime devotional.

After the nighttime devotion it was time to head off to bed and get ready for tomorrow and the first full day of activities. No count everyone (except me and the ones of y’all that are waiting up for this blog) is fast asleep by now dreaming of all the excitement for tomorrow. We’ll have pics goin up through the day (3 times) and then our nightly video of some of the fun. Be sure to check it all out so you can see your camper on her first day.

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Speaking of pics and video, you can see all the pics of out “my CSR’ page link at the top of our webpage. You can search through all the pics for free using our photo service WALDO. just put in the join code that was emailed to you a w days ago. If you want, you can also use WALDO to find pictures of your camper and then send them to your phone and alert you as soon as they go on line. There is a small fee for this and its all done through the WALDO link that was in the same email 2 days ago.

Our photographers will be making rounds each day and will cover each activity, each period, but that will take several days. If they happen to hit the same activities your camper is in one morning or afternoon you very well could see a lot of pics of her and you think this is great!! Be aware that the next day they will be going to different activities so you may only get a few the following day. If you don’t see your camper in a picture over the course of several days, drop us an email and well see if we can find her for ya. One thing we can’t do is special request like “please get a picture of my daughter, wearing her blue shirt, on the brown horse, facing north around 2PM” (I know you’re laughing about this but theres a reason it’s in here…….. just sayin)

If you want to send your camper an email, they are downloaded and printed out each morning around 9:30 Central time. This is 1 way email so don’t wait up for them to reply, they will get the printed email after lunch each day along with they regular mail. Each email is $1 (charged to her spending account) so if you’re the kinda person that likes to send a lot of “we saw a picture of you” and then another one saying “just thinkin’ about ya”, save your self and your camper some money and type them all in a word document and then paste them all into one email. She will still get it the next day at lunch time.

Well, tomorrow is a busier day than today so I’m gonna head off and get some sleep. I’d tell ya to do the same. Its a long session and you don’t wanna burn the candle at both ends this early in the session, it’ll wear ya out, trust me on this!!!

You guys have great day (your campers sure did!) and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow with all of tomorrows updates.

Have a great night!!


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