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Howdy parents and welcome to opening day of 2nd session! The day started out beautiful with cool temps and low humidity. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great day at camp but if you know anything about the weather in northeast Alabama, you know those temps and humidity change quickly! It warmed up just as the last campers were checking in this morning and by the way, great job to everyone on check in this morning. It was smooth and easy and I hope you guys that are reading this had time to get back home and enjoy some of the day yourself.

Now back to the campers, after the last group got all settled in, it was time for all the campers to meet their new cabin mates. They did this by playing some cabin games and get to know ya type games. After that it was time to head to the gym and sign up for their choice of activities this session. You’ll be gettin’ a card in the mail (you first letter from camp!!!) that will have their activities they chose as well as which club they’re in (more on the club later). Although we’ll get that letter in the mail first thing Monday morning, don’t be running out the mail box to wait on it. Sometime the mail up here runs a little slow, sometimes it takes the mailman an hour and a half to watch “60 minutes” if that gives ya any indication of their speed.

As some groups were signing u for their activities, the others were taking a little camp tour (we don’t want the little darlings to get lost now do we?) and sending their way around to important places like archery, horseback, swimming and of course, the all important, Beli Deli. This is the camp snack store where they can get snacks/drinks twice a day and everyone loves to grab a Frios while they’re there too. With the incoming warmer weather this week, look for the beli deli to sale water and gatorade type drinks to make sure everyone stays hydrated.

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After the tours and sign ups, it was time for my 2nd favorite activity, lunch! Today was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and you know, we had to finish it all off with some of the best cobbler and ice cream they’ve ever had. Not a bad to to end the morning!

After lunch it was time to head back to the cabins and get their swim suits for the swimming test and club outfits so they’d all be ready for cabin and club pics later in the day. Speakin’ of club pics, your daughters will be in one of 3 clubs while they’re here at camp. If you see them wearing a red shirt, they are a Mountie, if they’re wearing a green shirt, they are a Trooper and they are wearing blue, then of course they are a Ranger. Which club they are in is a very important thing to these ladies. be sure to remember which club your camper is in so when you email them or send them a letter, you don’t accidentally call them by the wrong club. I’m snot saying it’s life altering if ya do, but small family feuds have been started by the simple mistake of calling your camper by the wrong club. Just remember which one it is, life will be better for ya….trust me!

Since it was the first night and everyone is still new to their cabins, tonights activity was cabin fun night where each cabin gets to choose what activity they eat to do all together (this way they still get to keep on learning about all their new friends!). We had everything from shaving cream wars, human hungry hungry hippo (reminds me of lunch time), gaga ball, Kick ball, camp wide scavenger hunt, minute to win it games and of course you know if were at a girls camp, there will always be a couple cabins that choose “spa night”.

During the night as they’re enjoying their cabin activities, each cabin will take a turn at the camp fire where each one will enjoy some down time and S’mores. Then its back to their activity! At the end of the night all the campers will join at the Hut Row campfire in a big gathering for the first night time devotion. This is the only time all the campers will be at one campfire. The rest fo the session, the older campers in Summerplace and Riverside will have their own campfire across the river at their cabins. Since they’re little older they’ll do theirs a little later and with a different message.

It was a busy day for the first day and the campers were taking it all in. Right now they’re all in their bunks just dreaming of what its gonna be like tomorrow on their first day of activities. Don’t worry though, we’ll be there with the cameras and videos to put it all together for you guys playing along at home to see and keep up.

Now a couple things to make your life easier while your camper is here on the mountain. Videos will be finished each night and posted to our youtube channel and included at the bottom of each blog. You can also see them on our webpage if you go there and click “my csr” and then “daily videos”. From this page you can also send your camper an email. Each email is $1 and they are printed out at 9:30 each morning and delivered them at lunchtime. If you want to send a lot of “we saw a pic of you” or “we miss you” emails, do yourself a favor. They are delivered at lunch each day, save all those comments up on a word document and then just paste them into one email at the end of the day. You don’t want to run out your campers spending amount with several emails that will all be delivered oat the same time.

Camp pics will be uploaded throughout the day and after the nighttime activity. You can see the pics from the “my csr” page by clicking “camp pics”. This will take you to our Waldo picture page. You should have received another email this afternoon with the correct links and password/joincode to get you all set. (the previous link sent was for 2021, just change the 21 to 22 and that will work also). If you have any questions, just email or call the office and we’ll walk ya through it. Also on Waldo, you can send your camper a Campergram where you can add 2 pictures to your message. This service is provided by Waldo photos. They will be printed out in color and delivered to your camper at lunchtime. Best way to do this is from the app on your phone. You should be able to add 2 pics, and then fill in your campers full name and cabin. If it ask you for an address, (like a real US mail post card) you want to go back and make sure you’re using the other option.

Whew! That a lot for the first day! Like I said before, by now all your campers are definitely fast asleep and getting ready for tomorrow. You guys should do the same, get some rest and get ready for the next 2 weeks. You don’t want to stay up late every night or you’ll end up spending way too much time online while your camper is here instead of enjoying the 2 weeks to yourself. But if your one of those people (I know several of y’all are!!) that has to go through every picture just looking for an elbow, shoe, or back of their head in every picture……well, good luck but don’t say I didn’t warn ya. You’re gonna be tired!!

Speakin’ of tired…… I’m there. So its time to head off and check my eyelids for leaks and get ready for tomorrow. You guys have a great night, we still have a long way to go!!!