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Well howdy parents! (thats mountain talk for hello). Its been a beautiful and busy day up here on the mountain, and when I say busy, I mean busy! The campers wasted no time getting their schedules down pat and getting started in each class. You cans see from all the pics that we posted today they were already up on their horses, up on the ropes course, cooking class made some homemade delicious LOOKING pigs in blankets (anyone catch that I said they were delicious Looking and not tasting?????), dance class was dancing and I even heard several yells of excitement from the archery range as I’m sure some of our campers started the session off with a bulls eye or two. Even our girls in my CSR (Caving, Survival & Rappelling) class got all their gear sorted out and learned how to climb UP the rope today. Well spend several days on different techniques as this will be pretty important later this session once they start rappelling down some cliffs. (we gotta know how to get back up!)

The day started when everyone woke to a beautiful clears sky and cool temps around 62 degrees. Not bad for the first session of summer, I’m sure the cool weather let everyone get a few more minutes of deep sleep. I know I wish I could have stayed in bed!! The cool temps didn’t last all day but it was great to start the day off like that. It seemed to give everyone a little extra pep in their step as they made their way from morning devotion to the dining hall for breakfast.

After breakfast it was time for cabin clean up (yes mom’s they all have cabin to do’s and they make up their beds and help each other clean up the cabin), and then it’s off to their club meetings and activities.

Before I forget, a big THANK YOU to everyone that emailed us to let us know some of the cabin pics didn’t make it to the post last night. After some head scratchin’ we figured out what happened and I’m happy to report that as of 6:00 tonight, all the lost cabin pics have been found and uploaded for everyone to see. They’re still in the Cabin and Club folder so if ya haven’t seen your campers cabin pic, be sure to scroll back through that folder and take a peek at ‘em.

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After lunch, it was time for my favorite activity of camp….. rest hour! Unfortunately for me, rest hour is a lot like a Sasquatch….. I’ve heard of it and even know people that said they’ve seen it but I never have!!! During rest hour the campers went through their camp mail and all the emails you guys sent to them. I forgot to remind ya last night that theres even an option to send your camper a “Waldogram” if you want. Its a lot like a color telegram where you can send a short message and include 2 pictures, either from camp or even from one of your own at home. Its printed out on cardstock so its a little thicker and looks great when they bring them home and stick on the wall or fridge. If you want to send your camper a Waldogram, you can do so from the Waldo page where you look at the pictures.

After rest hour it’d warmed up pretty good and the campers that finished their day at the pool seemed to have picked the perfect activity. Tomorrow they’ll probably be getting into the river by trying out the waterslide, we’ll be sure to get some pics for ya of that!

Tonight the action continued as we had our wild and wacky Sock Wars! This is where the girls come to dinner all decked out in their club colors. I mean face paint, colored tutu’s, all kinds of crazy outfits (no wonder their trunks are so heavy on opening day!), they’re decked out from head to toe. Now each club takes a section of camp and hides their club flag and every camper has an arm full of stuffed socks (don’t worry mom, we supply the socks) when we ring the bell they all head out to find the other clubs flag BUT WATCH OUT!!! Like I said each camper has an arm full of those socks and if you are hit by a flying sock thats been launched by someone in another club, you have to report back to the scorers table before you’re back in the game. Heres the short version… a couple hundred girls running around, yelling and trowing stuffed socks at each other for an hour and a half. See thats much easier, just not as much fun! After all the running, chasing, throwing and yelling was finished the final results were…… Rangers 3rd, Mounties 2nd and the Terrific Troopers 1st!!!!! way to go Troopers!!! be sure to congratulate your camper, especially if they’re a Trooper!

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Tomorrow it will all change and when I say all, I mean all. Lets start with the weather… the forecast is for overcast with possible storms. If thats the case, each activity will have their own area to report to and continue class there. Of course several classes will meet in the gym and when that happens you can always count a a few games of dodgeball followed by a dance off to develop. With the possible change in weather continuing tomorrow night and as much action as we had today, its a good time for a slower paced activity in the gym and thats exactly what we have planned as all the girls will be in the gym for a new activity called Game Show. Its a mix of family feud, jeopardy and several other family favorites. Its our first time doing it with camp so I’ll have all the details for ya tomorrow once I see ‘em and have something to report back on.

Well, thats everything that happened today and what were looking forward to for tomorrow. I’m gonna let you guys get back to picture surfing and looking for any pics that Waldo may have missed by searching for any part of your camper in a picture you haven’t seen yet. A shoe, ear, elbow, back of head…. some of y’all are laughing at this and then thinking, “dang….thats exactly what were doing!!!” Don’t worry, our kids have been to camp too and we know exactly what you go through whee there’re away. Its ok, keep on searching, just don’t overdo it, it’s easy to do and you’ll end up spending more time on the computer or your phone than doing what you actually planned to do while they’re here. (sound familiar???)

You guys have a great night, were 2 days in and well on our way to a super session!

don’t forget to get some sleep!