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Well howdy parents! A big hello to all y’all join’n us for the start of the 2nd week of 2nd session. We’re in full swing as everyone is getting every ride of a horse, ride down the zip line and as many extra bullets as they can shoot in rifelry for every class. Its always great to walk through camp and here “hey Larry!!” from all every direction from campers I didn’t even realize Ive met yet. This afternoon I was unjamming the dollar changer at Riverside’s coke machine and of course I had to put on my reading glasses, “clics”, as soon as I put them on to see, one of the campers said “you look just like my grand dad”…… All I could think was she must have a really good looking grand dad! After that I had to really think about how to take that comment.

The ladies in the CSR class took their out of camp rappelling trip and had a blast. They probably set a record on how many times they went up and down the rope they were doing so well. On of the campers even started to time herself on her climbs from bottom to top of the cliff and then on the rappel down again.

Of course Mother Nature didn’t cooperate again and its still been pretty dry up here on top of the mountain so the pool and water toys have been a camper favorite as they stay cool with the water.

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Another way to stay cool was to keep moving and enjoy the air blowing on ya. The campers found out the best way for that to happen is to keep riding the V swing or zip line. They were going no stop and started even getting creative with what they were doing as they were on the cables.

Now the ladies down in arts and crafts are putting their finishing touches on all their projects and they are starting to really come around. Its amazing at the bowls and other crafts they’ve made in pottery. Once they finish being put through the kiln, its time to put the fancy finish on it with pain. For me, this would be one color and one brush, but not these ladies!! They are laser focused of getting every detail just right and I mean down to the final little lines. You can see in their pics they are concentrating like no other to make sure it looks perfect.

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Speaking of concentration, the campers in rifelry and archery were doing their best to make sure their bullets and arrows were going exactly where they wanted them too. You can see the determination in their faces. Spoiler alert… their determination sometimes has some pretty funny looks! One exciting note, we had a camper in archery that has tried over and over again just to hit the target. well folks, today was her lucky day as she not only hit the target for the first time, but wouldn’t ya know it, she hit it right in the bullseye! You could hear them screaming and celebrating all around camp when she did that. What a great thing to see and experience.

Arts and crafts are not the only class putting their finishing touches on everything . Circus class is working on making their jumps, twist, turns and being the masters of mid air manipulation look perfect as they get ready to Wednesday nights review of Showtime. They’ll get to perform in front of the whole camp so you know they don’t wanna have any mistakes then. If they perform like they practiced today, it shouldn’t be a problem!

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Whew!!! Its been busier than I though today up here. I think I’m gonna call it a night and head off to sleep so I’m ready to enjoy celebrating the greatest country inn the world tomorrow. You guys come on back tomorrow and hear all about the celebrations!!

Like a slow kid in dodgeball……. Im out!!