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Happy Saturday to ya parents! We had a great start to our weekend today with, you guessed it, sunny weather and no rain. Thank goodness the girls all seemed to not mind about the weather in every activity I watched, they were going full speed ahead all day long. Speaking of long…… the first thing I got to do the s morning was get suckered into a conversation with about 10-12 girls from Riverside (the oldest campers) and they started the verbal questioning off with “Why don’t we get to dance with the boys from Camp Laney this year?”, and before I could even answer, ( in my defense, I had only had 2 cups of BRCC coffee and my brain wasn’t hittin’ on all cylinders yet), They started with a plethora of follow up questions, all regarding the number (or lack of) boys working at camp. No don’t get ahead of me on this one, but I’m pretty sure you and I both know these were easy “NO” answers to all their questions.I just couldn’’t catch a break in their extreme barrage of verbiage to find a way out of the conversation. Kinda like some of the SEC coaches on Media day when everyone in the room wants to get their question in all at once. Some of y’all may know what I’m talking about……….

After I was mercifully saved by the ringing of the bell to start the next activity period, I did manage to get a camper that actually talked to me one on one and she was so excited to tell me she had already made it to the top of the Rock Climbing Tower on the most difficult route called “Double Trouble”. If you’ve looked through any of the pics you may have seen a picture of the route where you see 2 separate “overhangs” that require the camper to finish the climb doing parts where she is upside down! No wonder she was so excited and I don’t blame her, she had every right to be!

After that it was time to watch some of the mini campers out playing tennis with a twist. remember I said we had plenty of sun? Well, those smart little darlings figured a way to play (kinda) tennis using water balloons as the tennis balls. Of course it was over as soon as they hit the first volley, but I don’t think that mattered to them at all as they were all decked out in bathing suits and enjoyed the splash of each balloon they hit.

Later in the day, I saw one class of mini campers up at the horse barn giving the horse a bath and as much as the horse was enjoying the soap and water washing over him, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more. The horse or the campers who were almost as wet as the horse was.

Some of the girls that were in the aforementioned “conversation” (if you can call it that, it was pretty much all one way), were in circus class and I got to watch them work on they tricks up in the air as they were swinging with huge swings on the cloud swing and flipping, twisting, jumping and catching with just their feet, or their knees. They were miraculously the masters of mid air manipulation and they were doing a great job with each trick they threw.

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I missed this but later in the afternoon, Aunt Syl, who runs our T shirt corral was very excited when the girls form Chorus and Drama, ran a little test run of their songs from our play this session (Frozen) when they stopped by T Shirt and all and their songs for the show to her. Like I said, I didn’t see it but she was a music major back in the day and she said they were wonderful so we should be in for a real treat at the end of the session when we all get to see the final performance. If she says its good, it’s good. I can’t wait till the end of the session to see how good they are for myself.

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After a delicious lunch of spaghetti (even though I was busy during lunch and didn’t get any until 7:00 tonight, it was STILL delicious…. I think, I really didn’t take the time to taste much as I inhaled it down!), it was time for our campers in the CSR class to try something new. We were able to rappel from the old bridge at camp down into the water of Little River. Not only was it fun, but it was quite refreshing to say the least as everyone worked their way down the rope into a splash of water below and then back up the rope. To do it again, and again, and again…

Tonight we had one of he most low energy, fully energized activities you can think of (if you’re able to grasp that phrase). It was called “Candy Crush” (I’ve been told its like the game some of y’all play on your phones….. I’m still more of an Angry Birds player myself). All the campers went (walked) around camp in their cabin groups to different areas of camp where there would be several campers waiting to ask each group to perform a “moderate to difficult” task. Some of these task were singing a particular song in a foreign accent, performing task like making a basket in basketball, doing a “worm dance” imitation, licking up 40 small sticks in the area….just random task. If they were able to compete this task to the counselors satisfaction, They were awarded a balloon with a mysterious amount of points inside of it. Of course it’s not all as easy as that, there were a couple groups of counselors that would have a more difficult task and if the group couldn’t complete the task, the counselors took one of their balloons they had earned from another location. This would cause them to have to revisit that location and “re-earn” another balloon to get a full count before the game was over. No matter how well some of the campers were trying to hide their balloons from the “Heckler” counselors, they all seemed to get found and had to repeat a task or three to complete the game.

Whew!!!!! Y’all get all that? I hope so ‘cause I don’t think I have the energy to try and repeat it for ya. If I did, I’m not sure I would be able to understand it again anyway.

Tomorrow will be a special day with it being Sunday. Other than the obvious that it’s Sunday, we’ll get to sleep a little later and then enjoy a breakfast of home made doughnuts, fruit, eggs, biscuits, and did I mention homemade doughnuts?? Of course the REAL jewel of the paragraph was the phrase “Sleep a little later”!! I know I’ll……. I mean the campers will really appreciate it and need it!!

it’s gonna be another wild and busy day tomorrow so I better get a head start on all that “sleeping a little later” stuff and try to head off now. You guys do the same cause were only half way there and theres still another week to go so go on, turn off the computer and go get some sleep…………………. Come on, you can do it…………

Fine, I’ll go first………good night y’all!!