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Hello again parents!! Folks, I ain’t gonna lie to ya…. Its a wonder I’m even able to move right now. After 2 cave trips with these girls in 2 days, back to back I’m in serious need of some vitamin “I” (ibuprofen). My eyelids are weighing about 200 lbs right now but never the less, the show must go on so here we go!!

First from the tennis center here at Skyline some exciting news. Tomorrow is tournament day and it Webeldon Wednesday! The tennis classes will be holding a tournament all day and everyone will be dressed in white with white bows on their hair I’m told. Good thing I didn’t get the invite to play (for several reasons obviously but the main one is following) I’m not sure how I would keep a bow on my head, maybe a lot of duct tape or gorilla glue? Anyway, we’ll be out there to let ya know how the tournament goes and who gets the first Major tourney win here on the mountain.

If you look at all the pics and thank your seeing double, relax. Today was twin Tuesday here at camp and campers/counselors dressed up like twins with someone they thought looked just like them. It’s a big deal up here and the campers really did a great job of finding their twin. You may have to do a double look yourself to make sure you’re looking at the right camper. I was really glad they told me about this cause to be honest with ya, I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me after the cave trip. I’m still not too sure………

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The cooking class had a great day today! Yesterday they made Cosmic brownies thats really like a cold fudge that is so rich, in my opinion it can only be fully enjoyed with a HUGE glass of cold milk. Even though they didn’t have the milk, they were enjoying the brownies they made yesterday (they needed to chill in the fridge for 24 house so thats the reason they had them today). Now if that wasn’t’ enough…… Today they made Cheeseburger sliders and although I didn’t get to try any of them today, I did manage to find a way to “acquire” on in a previous session and I can attest, they are delicious! If your daughter is taking our camp cooking class you want to have them cook for you when they get home. You will thank me later!!

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As I mentioned earlier, we had another cave trip today to a different cave. There are some great pictures of the girls “sliding” their way through the cave. This cave is a little muddier than yesterdays cave and when you look at the pics, you can see for yourself, the girls took full advantage of every mud spot they found. Theres also sone cool pics and video of the girls “sliding” their way through whats known as “Pancake Squeeze” be sure to check out the pics and video if your not claustrophobic (thank goodness they weren’t). Of course they had the confidence of knowing and saying repeatedly “If Larry can fit, you know we can fit”.

Tonight was dance night can you guess what our dance theme was? Tacky Christmas Sweater! Some of them really hit the mark with their outfits and whether they had a tacky sweater or not, they all had ball out there on the tennis courts dancing the night away under the stars. It helped out that the temp had cooled down nicely and then let them shake rattle and roll all night!

Tomorrow will be busy as we have tennis going, the circus class is gearing up for their performance at Showtime at Skyline later this week and the girls down in arts and crafts are really putting the finishing touches on all their projects. Some of the girls in pottery are really talented and you’re gonna be surprised when you see what they’ve made down there. I know i was!

Well, I hear my bed and a bottle of Advil calling my name so I’m gonna make this a little shorter than normal. Many thanks to Mrs. Frances for filling in yesterday while I was underground all day. I hope you liked hearing the day from a different perspective, I know I always enjoy hearing it from someone else’s view.

You guys have a great night and a great day (depending on when you choose to read the blog). I’m fading fast so I think Im gonna head off and get some ZZZZZZ’s

see ya tomorrow