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Howdy and welcome to day 3 parents!! Today was a really cool day and you’ll see just what I mean a little later in the blog. The morning started off with Everyone getting up bright and early after a good night sleep (I’m sure last nights activity had something to do with that!!) and then heading down to Morning Watch for the days morning devotion. After that it was flag raising time and then breakfast before cabin clean up (yes mom’s, they go back and all pitch in to clean their cabin, make their beds and more…..everyday! You’d be proud of them).

The classes all were in full swing as there was no need for any more direction, all that was covered yesterday. They didn’t waste any time getting up on the circus, working on their arts and crafts projects and even our pottery class was pounding out some clay to make the bowls and cups to get ready to put in the kiln. We’ll check back on them as the week progresses and let ya know how they look. Some of the girls in archery class were right on target and I mean that in every sense of the word as they were hitting bullseye’s already on day one. I guess the next thing will be to see how many they can get in a row. Between you and me, I bet they are doing that by the end of the weekend. We’ll see…..

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Our Mountain Biking class was out and about and when I say out…. I mean out! They headed out of camp and I’ll give ya 3 guesses where they headed…. Straight to the Camp Laney gate. I heard through the grapevine (I live at a girls camp, there’s no such thing as a secret!) that although they didn’t go into camp, they did manage to get a wave from 2 camp boys that were headed back from the pool. I guess both parties had their day made wit that move. Of course the mountain biking class wasn’t finished with that. They just happen need to stop at Little River Hardware and rumor has it (remember the no secrets thing?) that while they HAD to stop there they went in and picked up a few nick knacks. It’s all good though, our local shops love it when they get a visit from some of the campers.

Now for the cool part…literally. This afternoon as we were just beginning 4th period, Mother Nature decided to drop a little…..ok….. A LOT of rain on camp. It didn’t stop everyone rom having fun but it did drop the temperature down to around 71 degrees when it was all said and done with. No one minded that little change in the day at all! As the rain fell (why couldn’t it have happened during rest hour???) all the girls assembled in the gym and massive games of dodge ball broke out between the different clubs, cabins, and even a game or two against the counselors. How they had any arm strength left after Sock War last night is beyond me but they were hurling the foam balls across the gym as fast as they could.

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Thank goodness the rain finally stopped and it was just in time for everyone to head out and enjoy their 6th period class. Ropes course decided on a different venture as all the trees and cables were wet so they had their own version of “Pickles scavenger hunt” If you know our head of roes, Mark Pickle, you know its gonna be anything but ordinary. He had them looking for Saw Tooth Oak leaves (there was a tree right next to them but they didn’t know what a “Saw Tooth Oak was for awhile), pea gravel (again, they were literally standing on it but weren’t aware) and many other mountain “local items” so the girls got a quick lesson in different trees, gravel, plants and of course before they could hand in their items they found, each one had to demonstrate an “original” talent they had. I actually wasn’t there for that part but I did hear a lot of laughing and giggling so I’m sure the talents were nothing short of hysterical.

Now even though the rain had cooled everything off and it was all still wet, that didn’t stop us from having fun with Candy Crush, tonight activity (No, it’s not the little game you pay on your phone). In our version of Candy Crush, the campers, in their cabin groups, have to make their way around camp to the different stations where the counselors will be in costume. Each counselor group will have some balloons with unknown amounts of points in them. All the girls had to do to get a balloon and it’s mystery points was complete the silly task the counselors were asking of them. It might have been to make a shot in basketball, or do their best Pterodactyl impression (not really sure how they even judged that one?), or help the 2 blind mice look for they lost brother “Mort” by crawling around yelling “MORT!!!” and other outrageous activities.

Of course there is always a catch to the activity, there were a couple counselor groups known as “Hecklers” who would give them a very difficult task and if they couldn’t do it then they took one of the groups balloons they had already earned. You know it! This would force the group to go back to a previous station and “re-earn” their balloon and mystery points all over again. Quite a few of the campers got creative and tried to hide their balloons under their shirts but I’m pretty sure they were discovered anyway. Oh well, you can’t help to try!

At the end of the activity everyone gathered in the gym and I’m sorry but at the time of me writing this I haven’t gotten the results yet but I’ll let ya know as soon as I get them. After all the fun it was time for the evening campfire where the girls would learn about “Kindness” as the theme of the devotion was presented to both sides of the river by our counselors on each side.

Well, thats about it for our cool day, I hope you guys playing along at home had pretty cool day too but I bet it wasn’t as much fun as ours!

I’ll be back tomorrow to keep ya up to date on everything thats happening so be sure to check back in. Have a great night!!