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Well hello again parents! I don’t know about you, but starting the week with a day off for a holiday sure throws a wrench into my planning. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, my mind keeps trying to tell me its Monday. Off well, I guess I’ll have to adjust. You girls sure adjusted well! They didn’t care what we called today other than “First Day of Activities!”. They didn’t let the heat bother them at all as they went eagerly from activity to activity learning what they were about to do and then jumping right into the activity and doing it. They sure enjoyed everything that was going on today from getting back up on their favorite horse, back in the pool (those were the smart ones if ya ask me!), starting their new arts and crafts projects and more. Even the girls in my Caving and Rappelling class didn’t waste time and were climbing up to the top of the tower and rappelling right back down by the end of the class.

One of the big hots from today was Beli deli when they got to try out the new order of Frios Pops we had come in. If you don’t know what a “Frios” is, just wait. I’m sure you’ll hear about it! Heres a little heads up, just for you guys at home… It’s one of the best frozen popsicles you’ve ever tried and it comes in all sorts of different varieties. Best part is, they’re made from all natural ingredients and they still taste delicious!! Be sure to ask your camper what their favorite flavor of Frios was when you talk/email them. I’m sure they’ll have one!

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One of our new classes this year at camp is our photography class. Like I just said, they too didn’t waste any time before they were out and about getting pictures to take back the their photography work room to finalize their pictures. I can’t wait to see what all they shot today and how they filtered or whatever else they do with the pics to make them look as amazing as they do.

On a side note today, besides my CSR class I teach, I got to do an impromptu gun cleaning class for several of the girls in one of our rifelry classes. Seems they had one gun that wouldn’t eject the shell sit was shot. When I went down there to “fix it” (it’s kinda what I do up here if you know what I mean…) I was able to take the time to demonstrate to all the girls how to properly (and safely) dismantle a rifle and what it looks like “dirty” on the inside, how to clean it and then let them see the difference from the before to the after when I was finished. It was really great to see them interested and then for them to see the difference between clean and dirty. They were very appreciative to have it back in the rotation and got back to shooting before I could leave.

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As you can see in the video and pics today, the girls at circus class were flying high as they learned their new tricks on the Mexican Cloud Swing and Swinging trapeze. Some of them even started on an act simply called “Silks”. You may have se this act in Cirque du Sole or something similar. Keep checking in, these girls will be performing some of the exact same routines throughout the session.

Finally tonight it was time for a fun filled frantic flinging of socks for tonights activity. Now I know throwing stuffed socks don’t light everyones candle but when you dress up in your club colors, hide your club flag and then at the ringing of the bell, head out to find the other clubs flag and everyone is armed with hundreds of stuffed socks that you throw at each other to get them “out”….well then….. now that is FUN! And it’s all for club points to see which club will take the lead in the points cup competition thats awarded at the end of the session. If you did’t believe me last night when I said these girls take their clubs seriously, then you should hav esee how hard and often they were flinging the socks at each other. If I had been playing as hard as they were, I would have come home with my arm in a sling and take a good dose of “vitemin I” (Ibuprofen) just to function tomorrow!

After all the shouting, cheering, running and throwing (there was plenty of each one of those tonight!!) the final results of the activity were ……………………………………… (you guys hear a drum roll in your head yet?? I thought you did)! Rangers 3rd, Troopers 2nd and the Mighty Mounties 1st!!!! Way to go girls!

I know after the energy they spent today and tonight they’re all fast asleep by now (I ain’t far behind them) enjoying the cooler night air as they get ready for tomorrow and another fun day of action. You guys at home better get some rest too if you want to keep up with your girls all session long. We still have along way to go for some of y’all to stay up each night scanning every picture just looking for the back of their shoes, elbow, ear or any other body part that you think Waldo might have missed! (tell me I’m wrong……….I’ll wait)

Y’all have a good night and seriously, don’t burn the candle at both ends this early in the session. We still have a long way to go and you don’t want to get burned out this early. Get some rest, I’ll be back tomorrow night and well get together and chat again then.

Have a good night, Im about too!!