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Happy Tuesday and opening day of 3rd session to you parents! Everyone seemed to get through our opening day process without many problems and that was good, ;cause your girls wanted to get to their cabins and see all their old and new friends just as quickly as they could! You guys did a great job today getting in and getting everything set up and then getting out! As soon as the last of the parents cars were out of camp all the campers finished up with their cabins fixing and then started to play some “get to know you” game so they could find out a little bit more about their new cabin mates.

As most of you already know and for those that don’t, 3rd session is “Christmas in July” session at camp. Thats right, we’ll have our very own Christmas here on top of Lookout Mountain and your daughters will get to enjoy every moment of it. We’ll be building up to the big day all through the week with nighttime activities that have something to do with Christmas.

Now back to today….. after all the get to know you games each cabin took their campers on a camp wide tour, just to be sure they know where everything is. They learned all the important spots like the dinning hall (you know thats where I would have taken them first!!), Beli Deli, (the camp snack store), the horse barn, ropes course, arts and crafts, the pool and many more. After the tour, it was time for activity sign ups. You’ll be getting a letter in the mail in a few days with which activities your girls signed up for so don’t worry about not knowing, its coming but it may take a little while.

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After lunch it was Beli Deli time and then club drawings. If this is your daughters first time at Camp skyline, she will draw a bead to see which of the 3 clubs she is in. If the bead is red, she’s a Mountie, blue is a Ranger and if the bead is green then she is a Trooper. Now this is important so make sure you wright this down! These girls take three club seriously and you better too. The last thing you want is your camper upset with you for calling her by the wrong club name….trust me on this one!!

After the drawings, it was time for a little swimming into pool where all the campers did their swim test and also enjoyed playing around a little bit. I mean, with the temps in the upper 80, can you blame them for not taking little relax time?

After dinner it was time for Cabin Fun Night, where each cabin gets to choose their own fun activity for the evening. We had everything from kickball, to gaga ball, Karaoke, a cabin talent show, hungry hungry hippo (human version), tie dyeing T shirts and more. Of course each cabin had a time to come to the campfire for some S’mores (pretty sure thats rule somewhere that ya gotta have S’mores if you have a campfire).

After tonights activity it was time for our all camp campfire where everyone came together and heard the nighttime devotion. This is the only time this session we have the whole camp at one campfire, The rest of the nights Hut Row and The Lodge will have their campfire on their side of the camp while Summerplace and Riverside will have their campfire, a little later, on their side of the river. Its great to have the one night were everyone gets to come together at one time.

Tomorrow will be the first day of activities and all the girls will be getting to learn the what to do’s of each activity. That won’t take long and before ya know it, they’ll be busy having fun and trying out all sorts of new things. We’ll have our camp photographers and videographers all around camp trying to capture all the action for you guys playing along at home.

A couple quick notes about the camp pics. You should have received an email several days ago with the code needed to get into our camp photo program “Waldo”. use that code to join in and you can see all the pictures they take every day. They will load them 3 times during the day and it won’t take you guys long to figure out their schedule so you can be surfing pictures in no time. If you would like, you can use the facial recognition program Waldo has and the program will send every picture of your camper straight to your phone and notify you as soon as it finds them. This is a service Waldo provides all our parents and its really simple to sign up. If you don’t want to sign up, you can still see all the photos for free, you just have to search through them each day.

Waldo also offers “Waldograms” where you can send your camper a “telegram” with 2 pictures (from camp or from your own roll). Theres a few steps you need to follow to be able to do this.

#1. it has to be done from a mobile phone, the laptop/desktop version is still in the works.

#2. On the “Events” page (home page), click on the “shop” on bottom right corner

#3. Click on “Waldograms” and then click top banner that says “Send your camper a card today”

#4. select camper and then put in cabin name

#5. tap the large square with a camper in it to choose the large picture, tap the top right square to choose another picture for the “stamp”, tap the paper and pen icon to write your message.

Waldograms will be printed out each day around 9:30 Central time and delivered to them at lunch that afternoon with the rest of their mail. Emails will also be printed at this time. You should have received a separate code for the camper emails. they’re rented out once a day so save your self and your camper some of their spending money and if you want to send several emails in the same day, type them all out on a word document and then paste them into one email. Each email is $1 and you don’t want to send several when you could have put them all into one.

I think thats about it for the first day. All the campers are in bed asleep and getting ready for a big day of activities tomorrow. We’ll be right there with them bringing ya as much action as we can so you guys get a good nights rest and be ready for a fun filled busy session of Christmas in July.

Have a great night, Ive got to get some rest too if I’m gonna try to keep up with all the campers this session!!