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Good Sunday morning to ya parents!! The day started off wonderful up here as the campers (and me) were enjoying getting to sleep a little later than we usually do. After the much needed extra hour of sleep, hits just kept on coming as the campers, still walking sleepy and un energetic, made their way into the dining hall, sang the blessing and then devoured the homemade doughnuts like a scene out of Shark Week. Throw in a few cups of coffee for me and it was game on!! HELLOOOOOO SUNDAY MORNING!!!! The campers didn’t need the coffee (or if they did, they didn’t show it) as just the doughnuts and eggs, biscuits, bacon and fruit seemed to spark them into a new outlook on the day. Personally, I still think its the doughnuts that did it!

After breakfast, it was time for cabin clean up and getting ready for Sunday School. As each cabin made their way to their Sunday School location, all the campers were dressed in their Sunday whites as they settled down for the Sunday lesson. After this, it was time to head to the gym for our CampChurch with a very special guest speaker from Skyline’s past. We were excited to welcome back to Skyline Aja Grimes! Aja was a counselor, staff member, admin and is a real treat whenever we get to have her back, especially for our Sunday speaker. Aja always is a camper favorite as she does a great job relating her message to the campers and then bringing some extra energy to it with some sort of Rumba dance lesson that ties right into her message. See for yourself in the pictures, how all the campers were working on their dance routine as well as learning how to remember and apply her message in real life. It’s not only a wonderful lesson, but a fun and applicable lesson that the campers will be able to use.

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After church it was time for lunch and then get ready for our County Fair Carnival. We had the biggest water inflatables on the mountain as they took turns climbing all the way to the top and scream in excitement as they fly down the slide and into a pool of cool water. To top it off, just before the carnival started, Mother Nature must have thought it was a little too hot for everyone so she dumped about 10 minutes of rain and it was the perfect amount to cool everything off and make the slides extra slippery!

Of course there was more than just the inflatables here as we had sno cones, face painting, games, popcorn, giant jingo and karaoke. If any of the older campers wanted a change of pace, the pool was open for them to hang out and cool off with a bunch of good friends. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon if ya ask me.

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After all the excitement and fun of carnival, it was time for our pic nic dinner on the grounds of camp and then get ready for tonights activity…..Movie Night! All the campers camp to dinner dressed in their PJ’s so we could go straight from dinner to an early campfire and then the gym to spread out, kick back and get settled in for the movie out in the cool night air. Something new this year is the opening of Beli Deli before the movie so each camper can get a snack or drink, just like the concession stand at the real movie. All the campers loved grabbing something a little extra to go with their popcorn they got (again) for the movie.

As if the snack and popcorn wasn’t enough, before the main feature, the entire camp was treated to a special dance from our Mini Campers that will be leaving Monday morning. They’ve been working on this all week long and they were so proud to get to show it to everyone. When they finished the whole group of campers gave them a standing “O” to show their appreciation for all their hard work. We sure are gonna miss the little guys running around camp like a family of ducks just following each other from one activity to another.

By the end of the show, I’m not sure exactly how many made it through and were still awake (I know I wouldn’t have been) but there were several that had gotten so comfortable they dozed off somewhere between the opening and closing of the movie and were still laying there comfortably asleep. Don’t worry moms, our counselors made their way around to make sure they all made it back to their cabin to finish their slumber.

Tomorrow will be another full day as we start our 2nd week of camp. As mentioned before, it will be the last day for all our mini campers. I know they’ll be happy to see their moms and dads, but that doesn’t mean some of them will be happy about leaving. Its happened before when some of them realize they’re going home and aren’t quiet happy about that. Can’t blame them for wanting to sped a little more time with all their new buddies at camp. You guys will be missed!!!

All the girls in the CSR class will be heading out for a full day underground on our first cave trip. One good thing about that trip (other than my phone doesn’t work underground) is the fact it will be 57 degrees everywhere in the cave. Well be there fro about 5 hours and even enjoy lunch somewhere about 130 feet beneath the surface. Be sure to check out the cool (57 degree) pics that we’ll bring back.

Well, you guys better get some sleep, y’all have to head off to work tomorrow while we’ll be busy up here too.

Have a great night, I plan on doing my best impersonation of some of those campers that fell asleep during the movie here in just a little while.


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