Good morning, Camp Skyline! I love that we finally get to say that camp is THIS year! We are pumped to see everyone this summer. I’m sure there are many current campers that can go through the daily schedule of camp like the back of your hand but today we wanted to pretend we’re in the middle of June waking up and headed to Morning Watch. For those that may be at camp for the first time this summer, this blog is for you! You’re coming along to a day in the life of what exactly it looks like at Camp Skyline.

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7:00 AM

Wake Up

“Good morning all you Skyline girls!” It’s time to wake up and get ready for the day. Don’t worry about making your bed…that comes later.


Morning Watch

We’re dressed and ready for the day so the whole cabin heads to Morning Watch. We begin each day with a few songs and a devotion led by the counselors. These daily devotions follow our Christian theme for the summer and are a great way to start the day off, centered around Christ.


Flag Raising

From Morning Watch, everyone is dismissed to the flag poles to raise flag & say the pledge all together.



We take the most important meal of the day seriously. Who read breakfast and immediately thought of french toast sticks, muffins,biscuits & gravy, and of course the Sunday donuts. Every meal is accompanied by singing a few songs. They are very easy to learn…no worries!


Cabin Clean-up

Everyone heads back to their cabin to clean and make their bed. Each bunk is assigned to a certain task to help make their whole cabin spotless! The best part is that there is a daily competion to see the score you get on the daily cabin inspection and a winner of the cleanest cabin gets annouced at lunch.


Club Meetings

The lights in the cabin are turned off and everyone heads their three seperate ways for their club meeting. What in the world is a club? I’m glad you asked. Read more about our clubs here! Troopers are headed to the basketball court, the Mounties at the Dance Hall, and the Rangers meet on the steps of the gym. These meetings are for the club leaders to teach club cheers, go over the rules of each club competion and sometimes look for the horseshoe! Club meetings are also a great time to get to know other girls that may not be in your cabin or activity.

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Gymnastics is a fun way to start the day. That's where we're going for our first activity.


1st Activity

Campers get to choose six activity periods a day to do all every single day. Go ahead and create your own day in your head. Where are you going first?

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Beli Deli

This is my favorite part of the day and I’d go out on a limb to say that I’m not alone in this. Chips, candy, sodas, FRIOS! What’s not to love? This quick break in the morning is when the doors of Beli Deli open and everyone stands in line to pick out what they want. Spoiler alert there’s another one later today too!

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We're headed to Horseback Riding!


2nd Activity

Archery camp skyline girlscamp archerycamp nearme.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1
Archery is up next. We're already having a fun-filled and busy day and it's not even lunch!


3rd Activity



We’re all in the dining hall for our second meal of the day. Cabins sit together & all meals are served family style. I’m personally missing Camp’s lasagna and chicken strips too! And we can’t ever forget the DESSERT!

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Rest Hour

Back at the cabin, mail is passed out. Some use this time to write letters home, color a picture or read a book. Truly the main goal during this time is rest from the busy morning and rest up for the day ahead.

Cooking cookingclass camp skyline summercamp nearme.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1
What's cooking in cooking? Hamburger sliders? Homemade cookies? Candy sushi? It's always something new which makes this activity a favorite!


4th Activity

Back out into camp we go for our remaining activities. Be sure to drop your outgoing mail off in the mail boxes around camp.

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Beli Deli

This is the second opportunity where everyone can gather and choose a snack from the camp store and just visit. The tire swings are nearby and of course…Gaga ball!

Musical theater camp campskyline actingcamp girls.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1
Musical Theater is the activity you want to be in you love singing, acting, and being on stage. This class gets to perform at the end of the session for all of camp!


5th Activity

Climbing tower climb summer camp skyline girlscamp adventure.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1
Tower is a fun activity for those who love climbing and enjoy a good challenge. Can you make it up every wall?


6th Activity

Our last activity of the day but our day is not close to being finished yet.

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Shower/Free Time

This time allows campers the chance to shower and even some free time to play gaga ball, get dressed for the night time activity, and hang out with friends.


Flag Lowering

The entire camp meets at the flag poles to lower the flag for the day.



Dinner is also a delicious meal that our kitchen staff prepares and serves family style. This is also a great time to get into the spirit of our night time activity. Depending on the night activity, there may be some fun and lively dinner interuptions.

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Club competitions are a chance for everyone to deck out head to toe in their club colors...If you're new to camp, just a bring a shirt of each color (red, blue, and green.) Many friends love to share their club spirit.


Evening Program

Okay maybe I lied before…This may be my favorite part of the day. We have a different activity each evening. Some activities are club competitions others are cabin competitions and then some are more low-key like a movie night. If it’s a club competion, clubs are dismissed together to head to the destination to hear rules and get ready for the competition to begin. If you remembered club meeting this morning, this is when those club cheers are brought out and each club gets to show their club spirit before and after the games begin.

After the evening program, we all head to campfire. Riverside & Summerplace have their own campfire on their side of the river. Campfire ends the day at camp every night with a night devotion by a counselor and campfire songs. We always end campfire singing “Taps,” ending with this last line: “So run along now, and jump into bed. Say your prayers & cover your head. This very same thing I say unto you, You dream of Skyline and I’ll dream of you!”

Goodnight, Skyline! We can’t wait until we’re really back together singing all of the songs, cheering all of the cheers, and enjoying each and every moment on the mountain.