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This past weekend we had the privilege of getting to spend some time with our staff from 2022. These girls are so busy with the hustle and bustle of school and all the extracurricular things they are involved in, it was such a blessing to be able to give them a weekend to come and recharge.

We started this weekend with a fun check in at Riverside with a charcuterie board, welcoming everyone with big hugs and spending some time catching up. We then headed off to the dining hall where Mrs. Donna had cooked everyone’s favorite meal chicken fingers and cookie brownies. After dinner Sally introduced our new program Camp Heroes that we have cultivated and created just for our staff. This is a way for alumnae to give back to camp and help mentor a staff member during their time through college and even into the real world. We ended the cold night catching up and some even made s’mores.

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After sleeping in and waking up to a delicious breakfast we started the morning off with our first speaker from Dave Latham he gave us a packet about resting in God in a restless world. He talked to us about the busyness of life and how we need to rest in christ.

We then had a fun time where Adam taught them how to check tire pressure and also jump off a car. Nick taught a self defense class where they learned some moves to get away from someone who might be in danger to them.

After warming up with some delicious soup for lunch we enjoyed a much needed rest hour followed by a time where Sally’s friend came and talked to everyone about untangling emotions. We then had some time to do ropes and enjoyed making pasta with Allene. Wrapping up our speaker sessions with Taylor York talking to everyone about anxiety and how to deal with that in the moment.

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After dinner we played sardines in the dark in riverside and ended at Sally’s with Frances giving a campfire. She read the story about Kyle’s friend and how we are made for this moment. We ended the night with Sally’s famous ice cream.

Sunday morning before we departed we spent some time talking about what is the Holy Spirit teaching us. We read scripture from Luke and we talked about how we worship a triune God. This weekend helped us all recharge and I’m so glad that we were able to spend it with these lovely ladies.