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Who doesn’t love all of the fun activities we offer at camp in the summertime? We try and update new activities or enhance the most popular ones each summer. We have been talking about all the new things we can bring to camp this summer and I wanted April, who serves as the Program Director in the summer to tell you a little about the new class she will teach this summer.

April plans to teach a new activity this summer and we are going to call the new class, home science. Home science is where girls will learn a variety of different skills like how to sew on a button or create a budget. Ever wondered how to garden? We’ll explore that too! From crochet to nutrition, we will explore the tools of being self-dependent.

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Also, Mrs. Frances will teach the younger bible study class for anyone who lives on the hut row or lodge side of the river. We are thinking this will take place on the new back porch of the office. Did you know Frances used to be a teacher and she can’t wait to dig deeper into the summer theme with the girls who choose to take her Bible Study class.

My hope for cooking will be to bring back the guest chefs using local businesses in Mentone. Wouldn’t it be fun if you came home from camp knowing how to make tomato pie or chicken piccata?

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We also added a Mountain biking trip this past summer, where girls who took advanced mountain biking had the opportunity to leave camp and ride on trails. The girls that explored this off-campus trip loved it and look forward to this summer where we plan to add a longer trip with more trails.

We can’t wait to see you back at camp this summer enjoying all of the fun activities that you love!

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