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Paige Hill, Gina Laws, Leanna Kurts
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Gina Laws has been working at Skyline for 28 years and is our incredible Office Manager/Accountant. This means she works very hard to keep things running financially smooth at camp! She truly is great at what she does and is very detail-oriented.

Gina’s mom, Ms. Jeannine, just recently retired from camp after 26 years in many different roles. Both ladies often join us for lunch in the summer and get-togethers throughout the year. They keep us smiling all year long!

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Paige Hill has been at Skyline for 17 years and is our awesome Group Rental Director. This means she has a big job of keeping up with our Rental Groups during the off-season where she schedules workers in the kitchen, organizes the group’s stay, and also keeps Larry in line. During the summer she helps organize the kitchen staff, answers parent phone calls, and keeps up with your daughter’s spending money.

She is happily married to Nick Hill, a handsome police officer who works in the training division of the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Parole. He also teaches our counselors self-defense, helps out at riflery, and can be found working in the kitchen. They have 2 young boys, Connor and Cooper. Connor is crazy about dinosaurs and Cooper is a funny guy who keeps us on our toes.

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Leanna Kurts has been working at Skyline for 2 years and is our amazing Accounts Receivable/Secretary. This means she’s in charge of registering campers, handling cancellations, creating mass emails, sending out payment deadlines, answering all your questions or concerns, checking over health forms, and basically doing everything you need to have your daughter ready for summer camp.

She is happily married to Storm, a handsome firefighter sergeant in Rome, GA who often helps out at Ropes during the summer. They have two children, Skye and Raine. Skye is a fast 3rd grader and little Miss Raine is a precious 6-month-old who spends time with all of us in the office.

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Needless to say, we have fun together all year long with occasional dinners at each other’s homes or just day-to-day in the office. You know those friends you love so much cause they make you laugh till you cry? Well, that’s our Skyline family!

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