Archer in the Making

Archery is one of our most popular activities on campus. It is a progression sport that allows you to get better each day. Our camp counselors are well trained to teach it and enjoy watching the campers grow in their ability while have fun at the same time. Ages 6-66 enjoy this activity, even the mini campers.

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One way the counselors make it fun is when you make a bullseye you get to sign your name to the bench which stays for years to come. This is actually an activity that has been around for multiple years that I took as a camper almost 50 years ago. You can still see my name on the bench as I continue to practice my archery skills whenever possible.

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Another way the counselors make it fun is by changing up the targets with balloons, or by making a “Hunger Games” task to see if the archer is as good as Katniss. They also like the take funny pictures of the girls with an apple above their head and an arrow through it. And on a more serious note the last day of classes is a club competition. The highest scoring shooters are in a tournament during bell deli and the winner’s club gets the points that go towards the point cup. That individual also receives a high award at banquet night…Little John!

Looking for a Summer Job?

Our Christian camp is a wonderful place for a young woman to work. Camp Skyline is the first job for many college students. Click here to learn about camp archery jobs.