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Each year we offer a Caving, Survival and Rappelling program for our oldest campers 8th-11th grade. Larry, along with other camp counselors teach this class each summer. This program allows campers to learn new skills and face challenges on new levels. This program takes up two class periods and the girls go out of camp on different trips.

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They start the first week learning about all the gear and on the first day of activities get to climb rope. They will then learn how to rappel from our climbing tower at camp and also climb back up. After they have mastered these skills, later in the session they go off campus to rappel. The campers also take two caving trips where one day they are gone for a full day of camp. The girls also spend a day at camp learning survival skills, see what Larry has to say about teaching these girls new skills.

For me, the best part of the class is watching the girls overcome their fear of whatever we’re doing and progress forward and expand their comfort zone. Whether it’s starting out rappelling on the 30 foot tower to the final rappel and climb out of 110 foot cliff or being nervous entering one of our cave trips to being completely comfortable by the end of the trip and navigating some tight spaces with a smile. The surprising part to me is always how many girls enjoy our survival classes and learning to navigate with the sun, how to start a fire with just a ferro rod and a tinder bundle, and even how to tie all the different knots and learn what each one is used for. To see each camper work outside of their comfort zone and into their growth zone is the most rewarding part of the summer for me.

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These girls work extremely hard and push themselves by trying new things at camp. If you think your daughter would like to be apart of this program please contact Ivy.

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