Happy Friday!!

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Anna Clayton said I needed to tell y’all what we’ve been up to this month and I am more than happy to do that!!

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Ivy talking with potential families about camp.

Ivy has been working hard interviewing potential counselors, recruiting at Snead State, sending out contracts and planning for this summer to be the best ever. As you all know, Ivy has been named Summer Director so we are working very close together. I hope she is having as much fun as I am.

Frances is busy with Alumnae Relations. She has been making loads of phone calls, updating information and scheduling City Socials, where she goes to an area to meet and visit with Skyline Alumnae. She already has Atlanta and Birmingham scheduled!! Frances and I also had a home show in Atlanta to recruit new campers and visit with current campers. We had a blast!!

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AC and Brooke at an Appalachian State summer job fair.

AC wins the award for traveling the most this month. She has been on her “world tour” of the east coast going to see counselors and recruiting new counselors. She has talked with many sororities, RUF’s and other organizations on college campuses. As a matter of fact, she has been gone the majority of the month. She came home from her tour on a Thursday and left Friday for a camp conference. She wasn’t even home for 24 hours before leaving again!!

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New fences going up for sunny ring at the barn.

Larry is working with winter groups right now and helping Adam build new horse rings. He’s starting to feel his age too but don’t tell him I said that! Larry is also on the board of CODA (Camp Owners and Directors Association). He has been a past president and works hard at making sure all camps are up to speed on information pertaining to the camping world.

Speaking of camp conferences, we feel that it is very important to continue our education as camp professionals so we attend at least one camp conference every year. We always go to the CODA conference and try to switch years with ACA, 3CA and CampMinder. This gives us time with other camp professionals and to learn about things that are happening in the camp world. We typically split up and go to different sessions which include all types of day and night programming, alumnae, child development, leadership, communications, health, maintenance, insurance (not a favorite, however we do love our insurance guys. They are pictured with us above left) and lawyer talk (again, not a favorite). Guess which ones I get to go too? You guessed it…..Insurance and Lawyer talk.

We just returned from the 2023 CODA conference in Orlando, FL. All of us had great “take aways” and have been talking about them ever since. Each year this conference is in a different city. We have been to Orlando several times as well as New Orleans, Atlanta, Sacramento, Boulder, Austin and San Antonio. This group of ladies work so hard to make camp a special place, Larry and I thought a day and a half in Disney would be fun.

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Ivy, AC, Frances and I getting ready to ride Slinky Dog Dash!!

As you can see, Disney was amazing! We are very proud of Frances for riding the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster!! Roller coasters are not her thing and she took one for the team!! Actually, all of us like roller coaster but Frances. She says she likes two feet on the ground at all times! Which “park person” are you? Thrill seeking, roller coaster, free falling park person or strictly two feet on the ground park person? Let us know what is your favorite park ride. Ours are:

Larry - Rock N Roller Coaster

Ivy - Space Mountain and riding with Frances on Slink Dod Dash

AC - Space Mountain and Tower of Terror (wish TOT was longer)

Frances - It’s A Small World

Sally - Space Mountain and Rock N Roller Coaster (TOT is a close second)

P.S. I know y’all maybe wondering if Frances got to ride any “feet on the ground” rides and catch some of the shows, yes she did!