Before we complete our activity highlights, I wanted to make sure we talked about two all time favorite activities: Ropes & Circus! These two neighboring activities share many similarities but also have a ton of differences that make them unique. There always seems to be a friendly competition on which is the favorite and which activity is “better.”

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Something that makes Camp Skyline super unique is our circus activity. The circus at Camp Skyline came into effect because of Larry’s experience participating in the FSU circus for 3 and a half years. Skyline campers get to fly high in the sky like real circus performers. The circus has two Mexican cloud swings and a trapeze. Campers climb to the top and depending on the trick will jump or flip off of the element. Some of the tricks that campers get to learn while in circus include: penny drop, iron cross, superman, wonderwoman, hammock, seats off, and many many more that have been curated by certain classes over the years. Our campers that are a little more advanced in their tricks can sign up for Advanced Circus where they spend their activity period perfecting their favorite tricks. The cool part about this group is that they get to perform a real circus show to the entire camp at the end of the session.

Best of all, circus activities provide more than simple outrageous fun to our campers. Such activities are specially designed to build self-esteem and confidence, improve motor skills, help to overcome fears, and encourage the spirit of adventure in every participant.

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Ropes is by far our most popular activity because of all it has to offer! A day at ropes can be something different every day from the zip line to the v-swing to all of the other elements like the dangling duo, pamper pole, and more! Girls that are older can sign up for ropes 2 which opens up a static course for the girls to go on. It’s basically like an obstacle course in the sky. I got to be in a ropes class last summer and I even went up with them once and it’s definitly harder than it looks. They love being up there and just sitting up in the trees. Our V-Swing is brand new as of 2021. If you’ve been to camp before that you know we had a V-Swing but this one has a few extra obstacles and swings a different direction. The zip line is a personal favorite of mine because it stretches acorss the field and you can even go with a buddy! Ropes class is the class to truly face your fears if heights make you a little nervous. There aren’t too many opportunities at home to climb to the top of a platform and try jumping to grab a pole. Or to walk acorss an “Indiana Jones” bridge in the sky.

But let’s be honest…We all know why ropes always seems to be a favorite year after year: PICKLE! We can’t talk about Ropes without giving a shoutout to the man in charge of the entire ropes course, Mark Pickle. He is a camp favorite for sure and we are so thankful for his hard work to help us with all things Ropes!

Looking for a Summer Job?

Our Christian camp is a wonderful place for a young woman to work. Camp Skyline is the first job for many college students. Click here to learn about camp skyline staff .