I know everyone else is counting down the days until Opening Day so we’re spending the next few weeks and months introducing you to some friendly faces you may meet at camp this summer. Ivy introduced our Head Counselors now it is my job to give a shoutout to our Encouragers. These ladies are so excited to return to camp to help with the facilitating of summer programs and overall just be there to encourage our staff during their sessions. These encouragers are excited to provide guidance, advice, or just lend a hand when someone may need it. I know they will be a crucial part of our summer and I am SO excited to have them at Camp Skyline this summer.

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Michelle Bloom!

Michelle is from Palatine, IL but currently living in Auburn, AL! She is a University of Alabama alum and is currently a teacher!

Favorite Night Activity: Speed Challenge or Counselor Hunt

Favorite Skyline Dessert: Apple Crisp

Favorite Memory at Skyline: I have literally too many to choose from. As a camper, my favorite memory is my age out summer when my friends and I would walk around blasting Strut by the Cheetah Girls between all activities. As a counselor, some of my favorite memories are from my flag and baton classes- we always had so much fun! There was the time a canoeing class I was in went land canoeing around camp or when a whole session of minis thought my name was Miss Showers. In riverside, on the last night we stayed up playing nerts (Ruth cheated) and we hung mustard packets from the ceiling and the fans in the lobby. I think the most I’ve laughed at camp is when I was the “mystery swimmer” at swim meet and jumped in the pool in a bunch of floaties. My favorite memories from the summer I was summer admin were at circus- the giant bucket of orbeez (until they started to smell) and taking the zip line bench to put at circus. I could go on forever so please ask me about more!!!

“I’m so excited to be back at camp and get to know all of the counselors!”

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Madison O’Hara!

Madison is from Smyrna, Georgia and is currently living in Atlanta. She graduated from Kennesaw State University and is currently a teacher! Favorite Night Activity: Get Skyline Back Favorite Skyline Dessert: Chocolate Eclair

Favorite memory at Skyline: My favorite skyline memory comes from last summer where I lead a campfire for my Summerplace girls and we discussed being a light. It was a touching moment and it filled my cup with joy hearing different stories and plans from the campers. I also have to throw in that I love every moment on the circus field and watching the girls overcome their fears and successfully landing a new trick!

“I am excited to help counselors have the best summer ever! I also cannot wait to see returning campers.”

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Mary Stewart Drummond!

Mary Stewart is from Birmingham, Alabama and graduated from The University of Alabama. She is now a teacher in Homewood.

Favorite Night Activity: Get Skyline Back Favorite Skyline Dessert: COOKIE BROWNIES!!

Favorite memory from Camp Skyline: Dance parties in Riverside!

“I am most looking forward to getting to know all of the new counselors and campers!”

Shoutout to these ladies (and more to highlight later on) who are spending part of their summer at Skyline. We are SO excited to have them back.

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