Introducing another one of our Head Counselors, Katie Ramsbacher. Katie goes to Auburn University and is majoring in Exercise Science. This will be Katie’s 13th summer at camp and 2nd summer as a Head Counselor. Let’s get to know Katie a little more and what she’s most looking forward to this summmer.

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“After spending a weekend at camp with some fellow counselors, I felt like the Lord was telling me that Skyline is where I needed to be. Over the next few weeks, I prayed for guidance and talked about it with friends and family. Every verse I read, quote I saw, and conversation I had pointed me to a summer on the mountain.”

“Each summer at camp brings something new for me to learn from those around me, whether it be about myself, someone I know, or the Lord. I’m looking forward to seeing who I am surrounded by this summer and what new knowledge I leave this summer with.”

“One of my favorite memories from my time as a camper is when my club won the Spirit Cup my age-out year. I was a club leader with some of my best friends and we got to spend two weeks going all out one last time. I loved watching the rest of the club match our energy and pour everything they had into it. Having this recognized was truly the cherry on top. As a counselor, my favorite memory is the first time I sang the counselor song in the dining hall as a JC. It felt so surreal to be singing it as a counselor. I remember I just couldn’t stop smiling.”

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