Introducing another one of our Head Counselors, Mary Holly Post. Mary Holly goes to Auburn University and plans to become a Veterinarian. This will be Mary Holly’s 3rd summer at camp. Let’s get to know Mary Holy a little more and what she’s most looking forward to this summmer.

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“I went into last summer extremely nervous and never really had involvement with younger girls and was quite skeptical about it then as soon as I started working with them I found a love and a passion in it especially with middle school aged girls. When I got to college and I was considering all my summer job options everything seemed to fall through except camp and it was as if God intended me to come back, which he definitely did and I’m glad I listened. I started missing camp and pouring into girls and all the laughter and memories you make with co-counselors, admin, and especially the campers. I would catch myself constantly telling stories about camp and as time progressed and I got further and further away from it I realized how much more I began to miss it and I really felt called to come back again. I’m so thankful I get to minister and pour into these girls and continue to develop the relationships I formed last summer. I am looking forward to spending 2 months away from the hectic society we live in and escape, be rejuvenated by godly people and Christ himself and to see what work he will do in me through this summer.”

“I cannot wait for Caving, Survival, and Rappelling again. There were so many new things we began to test and do last year that I can’t wait to do with the girls. I also am so excited to grow closer with those I met and developed friendships with last year and further cultivate previous ones as well as make even more. Camp friendships truly are lifelong friendships. I also cannot wait to see campers from last year and make more memories with them. I am highly anticipating getting to work with campers from last year. Because even though I will miss having them as campers I get to work alongside them which is extremely exciting. But most of all I can’t wait to see what God has intended for me personally.”

“My favorite memory from camp was when I was a Summerplace counselor and one night after campfire we decided to have a dance battle and everyone was particpating and having so much fun. We all had such a fun time.”

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