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By now parents should have received in the mail a parent handbook which has many details about this summer at camp. In the parent handbook there’s also a detailed packing list for your daughter this summer. I reached out to some parents to give you some tips in the best way they pack for their daughter each summer. Here’s some helpful tips they said to do.

  1. Follow the Skyline packing list!

  2. Label all pieces of clothing and anything else that can have a label on it. For example, if something opens (like a water bottle) and has a top and bottom, label both. Labels can be purchased by using our Resourcespage.

  3. We use and love packing each day’s outfit with socks and underwear in gallon sized ziplock bags. I pack extras such as club outfits, club spirit items, dance night outfit, flag raising outfit, etc. in their own ziplock bags labeled.

  4. Your daughter’s trunk is her closet away from home. Organize it so she can easily locate her belongings. Here are some different options for trunks or if parents opt out of the traditional trunk other things that work for them. Traditional Summer Camp Trunksor some parents use Trunks with wheels/lid that fits under bunk beds

  5. Pack the hanging shoe holder with all the needed items before leaving home. Fold it up, and then it’s ready to unfold and hang when you get to camp. Easy and fast!

  6. I send two laundry bags mesh is best because it’s breathable. I tell her to put dry clothes in one and anything damp in the other. This cuts down on smelly clothes. But beware, there will still be an I’ve been at camp two weeks smell when you open the trunk!

  7. Every camper needs a Shower Caddy they can be found almost anywhere and these help hold toiletries and getting them to and from the shower. One parent recommended tea tree oil scented shampoo if tolerated. It’s natural bug free scent and helps calm any skin issues that pop up from being outside all day. Shower flip flops are good to have as well.

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Other helpful tips based on activities, club gear, age of daughter and decor.

  1. If your daughter is planning to do swim, I like to pack plenty of suits so she’s not wearing wet suits.

  2. If your daughter is young, don’t send your best Bible. Purchase an inexpensive “camp” Bible.

  3. Young girls, make sure pens and markers are of the washable variety. The ink could end up all over the bedding from an uncapped pen left rolling around in the bed!

  4. Pack a little game with them (like a card game). I noticed that it was a good little icebreaker when the campers don’t know many people yet. It’s much easier to say, “Wanna play Uno?” than “hi! I’m new here and don’t know anyone yet.”

  5. Bunk decor and bunk utilities is something we always bring those items can include things like: small fan, cable ties, shoe organizer or over the door hooks to help keep stuff organized hanging off the bunks, extension cord, flash lights, and a journal.

  6. Packing specific towels. The thin cheaper ones are actually best- they stay wrapped easily and they dry over night on the lines so much better.

We hope this helps in preparing to pack your daughter for camp this summer!