The nighttime activity is my favorite part of the day (Beli Deli is a close second though!) Each night we have a different night activity to play or participate in that ranges from exciting, thrilling, and energetic to chill, entertaining, and a great way to end a busy day.

My job in the off-season is to plan these night activities and special programs and bring new and fun things to camp. There are some activities that will never go away because we have some great favorites but we also have tried new things and switched some things around.

Over the years we’ve said goodbye and maybe a few “see you laters” to some night activities to try to make room for new ones and switch around little things. I’m excited that we have a little bit of both brand new “hellos” and “welcome backs” to some acitivities for this summer!

Dance Night!!!

We never actually said goodbye to dance night but we did have to put a pause on the best part…The boys! Well I’m super excited to let everyone know that the Laney boys are coming back for 2nd and 4th sessions!! We love our friends at Camp Laney and we are so excited to welcome them back to our dance night for two of our sessions. Our mini campers will forgo the dance and will have a ton of fun having their very own Movie Night!!

Dance Themes:

2nd session: Luau!! Think Hawaiian, beach, floral shirts, hula skirts, leis, etc.

4th session: Neon!! All things colorful, bright, neon colors woth plenty of glowsticks!

Be sure to pack accordingly to your session this summer!!

Now I know what you’re thinking…What about 1st and 3rd sessions?!

Talent Night!!!

Talent night is BACK for our 1st session and 3rd session! This is a favorite for so many campers and we love giving the chance for our campers to showcase their awesome talents. This activity will happen later in the session so this will be for 2-week campers only. We will have auditions in the begining of the session to choose from our many many talented campers. This is so that the night doesn’t last too long (because we know every single one of you are talented!) Each performer will have a few minitues to perform whether it’s singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or doing gymnastics. We ask that if you are planning to try out that you come prepared with what you may do ahead of time. You’re welcome to bring costumes or your instrument if needed. Please email if you have any questions about Talent Night!

Soccer camp skyline sports summer.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Sports Night!

This summer, I’m adding a brand new night activity called Sports Night to our lineup! Sports night will host four different games all happening at once: Kickball, Dodgeball, Crab soccer, and a suprise one! Groups will switch through the different games throughout the night. I am excited to have just a classic sports night to get girls running around and playing within their cabin to encourage participation and teamwork. We’re excited to get started!!

We may also have some fun little additions to different games we all know and love…you’ll just have to wait to find out!

Also…fourty days until camp!!!!!!!!