As a parent, sending your most precious possession off to summer camp can pull on your heart strings. I sent my girls for 10 years to Camp Skyline and my son for 6 years to Camp Laney and each year I took a deep breath. Knowing they were safe and loved was important to me and I trusted Skyline AND Laney to do just that. So why do others choose to send their daughters to Camp Skyline year after year? I thought you might want to hear from a few veteran camp parents and their answer to that simple question as well.

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Shannon and Will Euart Camp Parents-6 Years

My husband and I have three daughters.  Camp Skyline came on our radar a number of years ago as a friend’s daughter attended. We sent our oldest and middle the 1st year and they both absolutely loved it.  Our youngest joined a a couple years later.  Our girls cherish their time at Skyline every summer.  Our oldest daughter aged out last year and will be a junior counselor this summer. She just could not imagine a summer without her Skyline family!  

We continue to choose Skyline for a number of reasons.  First, it is a Christian girls camp which starts each day with a devotion which concentrates on personal growth and strengthening their relationship with God.  These devotions set the stage for the day in a positive way.  Secondly, the girls absolutely adore their camp friends and have a special bond with each and every one regardless how far they live. Third, you know that joy you feel as a parent when your child is happy?  Our girls radiate pure joy in every picture we see of them while they are at camp!  Fourth, the Skyline staff go above and beyond to make sure our girls have a safe positive camp experience. They feel loved and I know Camp Skyline will always hold a piece of their heart.

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Emily and Josh Anderson Camp Parents-4 Years

I choose to send my girls to Camp Skyline because I went there as well, and I love the Christian values they pour into my girls. Both of them say it’s such a great 2 weeks to be off social media, finding new friends and reuniting with old ones from years past and doing activities that they wouldn’t do anywhere else! I could go on and on…These are just a few if the reasons!! 

DeShae and Will Brooks Camp Parents-3 Years

My husband and I are firm believers in the autonomy gained by going away to camp. We have encouraged all three of our children to embrace camp at an early age, and we find the experience to be very developmentally rewarding.

Our fourth grade daughter, Caroline, summed her thoughts in a recent school essay by noting among other things that “Skyline had made me a better person because they helped me be kinder, they taught me more about my religion and lastly, they showed me how to be more grateful. I don’t think I could live without Camp. Camp can make a big impact on your life. I hope you will also give camp a chance. You never know, maybe it will change your life, too.”

This is why we continue to send our daughter to camp!