Opening Day of the summer is a MONTH away!! I’m so excited summer is finally here. I wanted to be able to share a little about what to expect for opening day for all joining us at Camp this summer!

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Check In

Check in begins in the morning where everyone pulls into the front office to check in, turn in any medications, and get their cabin assignements. Best part = you don’t even have to get out of your car for any of it!

Your tag has been given to you and you can head to your cabin! Your camper’s couselors will be waiting for welcome you and meet your daughter! Your daughter can choose her own bunk and you can start the moving in process. This is a super exciting time to decorate her bunk, make her bed, put up her shower caddy where it needs to be and meet the rest of the girls in her cabin. After your daughter is moved in, it’s time to say “see you later” to the parents! After you have dropped your daughter off, we are good to go and we’ll see you in two weeks.

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Opening day1.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Tour and Activity Sign ups

Counselors will lead their campers through camp to show them around and give a tour before heading to the gym for an introduction and activity sign ups!

Each camper will receive a schedule where they may circle 6 activities to sign up for. Campers will go to the sign of the activity they want to sign up for and each counselor will write their name on that role sheet.

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Lunch in the Dining Hall

Everyone heads to the dining hall for our first meal as a camp!

After Lunch

After lunch, campers and counselors head back to their cabin for free time with games and going over a few rules.

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Beli Deli!

The doors of Beli Deli open and girls can line up and get their first treat of the session.

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Club Drawings

If your daughter is not in a club yet, this will be the time she will get to join one of the three! Brand new campers will join their club if they had a certain family member attend camp or they can draw a bead signifying the club based on the color of the bead. Everyone cheers and celebrates the new members welcomed into their club.

First Club Meeting

All campers will head off to their very first club meeting to elect their club leaders and learn a few club cheers. The T-shirt Coral will also be open during this time so a few counselors will escort campers to get a club uniform if they need one. After the meeting is complete, campers head back to their cabins to change into their club unirform and hang out with their friends until pictures.

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Pictures & Swim Test

The rest of the afternoon goes by quickly because we call each cabin and club to get a big group picture, then individuals (you’ll love these, parents!), then all back to their cabins to change into swim suits for a swim test! Each camper participates in a swim test to ensure each camper can swim safely in the pool without a life jacket (All campers will wear a life jacket in the river regardless.) After each cabin has completed their swim test, it’s time for dinner!

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Cabin Fun Night

After dinner, begins the special part of the day: Cabin Fun Night! Each cabin gets to spend time together playing a fun game, having a spa night, or swimming in the pool. Each cabin does something entirely different and it’s so much fun to watch the campers bond with one another.

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How else to end a fun and busy day? SMORES! During cabin fun night, each cabin has a chance to head to campfire to roast their own marshmellow to make a smore. After cabin fun night is complete, the entire camp meets at the Hut Row campfire to have our first camp fire of the session. We sing a few songs (that are very easy to learn, they’ll catch on soon!) and have a quick devotion lead by our chaplain. After taps is sung, everyone parts ways to their cabin to say goodnight. A lot of rest is needed because tomorrow is the first day of activities!

As you can see, Opening day is super busy and super fun. We are counting down the days just like you and we can’t wait for all four opening days! I have a great feeling this summer will be a super special one!