Happy Tuesday! AC is back and excited to tell you about our amazing day! I love being able to share a little about the day from my point of view because I get to see so many of your girls loving their daily activities and even more so in the night activities as well. Today was a super special day with Color Wars, our first session theme! But I don’t want to jump ahead…Let me start at the begining!

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I started this morning walking through some activities. Pickle was teaching her first period ropes girls how to make a “pickle bracelet.” You may have heard of this fan favorite bracelet at camp…It’s a big deal. I also walked over to circus to find them on the trapeeze and the Mexican cloud swing! So cool to see these girls face their fears and explore new heights. After hanging out with my friends at ropes and circus, I caught a glimse of the barn and saw some of the first period horseback ladies cantering. They look amazing! We have such natural riders this session. I can not wait to see the Grand Championship! This is a camp wide horseshow that happens on Thursday. It is a huge honor to be asked to be in the Grand. All of camp attends the horseshow and gets to cheer for their friends. This will happen on packing day so we will probably annouce our contestants tomorrow. Stay tuned!

The campers went on with their activities, mountain biking went to the creek and maybe a few other places. Cooking made their own frittata. I heard amazing things about it (unfortunately I did not make my way over to try for time!) If your camper is taking cooking this session thye are going to come home and become chefs in your kitchen! They have learned how to make such amazing food on their own. Tonight’s night activity was talent night so durign rest hour, all participants got to do a run through to check with music, go over any routines and get ready for the big night.

After rest hour…the *real * fun began!

All campers met on the circus field to start the “opening ceremony” of color wars. I’m going to try my best to describe the games involved in this afternoon but I bet your camper will be able to tell you all about it when you pick her up Friday. They had a TON of fun! Each cabin is paired with one of their counselors as the counselor they need to “protect.” They do not want their counselor to get any color powder on them. Cabins travel together around camp to go through different obstacles and check points. There were stations like a hula hoop compeition, blind folded challenges, stacking marshmallows, etc. All of this while having to literally try to cover their counselor so that they do not get any color powder on them. Because you never knew when other counselors and admin (myself included, I’ll admit) would sneak attack them and try to get their counselor dirty. After campers finished at all 16 stations, we all met on the Riverside field for the grand finale and to tally up what counselor got the cleanest. In the end…most counselors were actually fairly clean and it was hard to tell who actually won. So we annouced that Kate and her cabin, Joywood were the winners because Kate was actually the messiest. I think that just means that Joywood had the most fun together trying to do all of the challenges. We had a giant dance party and then it was off to the river to wash off most of the color powder. You think that sounds like a full day? We havent even had dinner yet!

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After dinner we all made our way over to the gym for TALENT NIGHT Also, I should go ahead and say that everyone was clean and color free at this point. Some even had their PJs on ready to unwind at Talent Night cheering on their friends. We had 17 different acts tonight and each one did amazing!! I said this on the last blog but parents…y’all have such amazing talented kids! Not only did they all perform to their best abilities and shine but even the kids that did not participate were so supportive of all acts and cheered and clapped to every different camper on stage. It felt like each camper got their own concert. I’m sure you’re wanting to know who won so I’ll get on with it.

Groups 2, 3, & 4: 3rd place: Selma Martin & Dorthy Walsh - dancing 2nd place: Lilly Harwell - dancing 1st place: Ann Louise Huskey - ballet dancing

Groups 5 & 6: 2nd place: MK Pearson - singing and playing guitar 1st place: Harper Hunt, Sofia Smith, Hollins Smith, and Anne Price Mitchell doing a cheer routine.

We also had two overall winners! 2, 3, and 4 overall: Caroline Pearson! 5 & 6 overall: Ellie Mayfield!

Great job ladies!!

Tomorrow is our last day of activities. I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of first session. This has been the absolute best way to start the summer! First session is always so excited! Our staff is excited to have their campers for the first time. We are all so so glad these campers are here. Parents, I hope you know how much we appreciate you trusting us with your girls. I am so glad they are here! It is the highlight of my day when I get to visit acitivities and visit with campers and just have fun with them. They are all so sweet and are having so much fun. We have had the best time loving on them and are so thankful that they are apart of the Skyline family. Maybe you’ll see me next session in an upcoming blog. But for now…AC is headed to bed. Goodnight, parents!! Hope y’all enjoyed today’s blog.

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