Hey Everyone!!! How is it day five already??? We had all our regularly scheduled day time activities with a few small interruptions from the rain, but that doesn’t stop our fun! We love playing in the rain at Camp Skyline. We have had light showers periodically with a couple bursts of heavier rain after lunch.

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Our Caving Survival and Rescue class went caving today! This is a trip the campers look forward to and we love hearing all about it! There some clips of these brave girls in our camp VLOG linked below, so be sure to watch it! The Outdoor Adventure class went fishing in the river with their homemade fishing poles, and they had to be pretty sturdy poles to make it through the current! With so much rain lately, the river is running strong! Our waterfront activities were closed to keep our campers safe but all other activities continued! Our circus girls got some new toys today and of course they were pro’s in no time. Laundry went out this morning, so we apologize in advance for all of today’s muddy clothes that you’ll be receiving next week…

Tomorrow is the last day of activities for our Mini Campers! We always hate to see them go. I had the opportunity to chat with them today about their favorite Disney Princesses, that was our Beli Deli Discussion question of the day! They are a fun bunch this session, and very knowledgable in their Princess knowledge. Tomorrow is the infamous Dance Night! I know the campers are getting so excited, it is such a fun night!

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Tonight’s activity was Candy Crush! It is one of my FAVORITES here at camp! All the girls march around campus completing tasks to get collect balloons worth cabin points! Then they have to try to escape the hecklers who are going around POPPING balloons! If they camp complete a challenge then they can get away! It is so fun to watch, I got to see dance parties, runways, and comedy shows. It is a cabin competition and tonight winners are Rosey Den and Riverside room 16!

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Well I’m gonna “Skyline skip” through some puddles and go to bed! We have our regular day time activities tomorrow and I need my energy to show off the campers on the dance floor tomorrow night. Goodnight from the mountain!