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Well hellooooo parents and welcome back to the camp Skyline blog where you get the news of almost everything that happened today up here on the mountain. A big shout out to our newest intern Rachael for picking up last nights blog for me while I was busy out in camp. She’ll be filling in through the session to help keep you guys informed to what your daughters are up too.

Today was the first day of class and all the campers were busy learning the who’s and where’s in all their classes. They’re fast learners too, ‘cause it didn’t take long before I saw them swinging from the V swing, riding their horses or even hittin’ the target in archery!!

As the day went on, you could tell everyone was learning their whereabouts and getting familiar with camp and they knew home for the next two weeks. I’m happy to say that during my favorite activity (lunch), I got to help out in the kitchen and serve meatloaf with mac and cheese, fried okra, beans and then desert of banana pudding. You moms would be proud of your little daughters cause even though I was serving the fried okra, it came in a close second on number of portions served to everyone’s favorite vegetable, Mac and cheese. Oh well, I was really surprised at how much fried okra these girls ate.

After lunch it was time for my next favorite activity, rest hour. At least it sounds like a great activity, rest hour for me during camp is kinda like bigfoot or aliens. I’ve heard of them but never really seen them myself. Know what I mean????

As the afternoon went on the campers were seeing more classes and really getting to know the lay of the land up here. In my humble opinion, the smartest campers were all enjoying the pool and river activities at the end of the day when they were all hot and sweaty. Well played ladies!!!

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After dinner it was time to get everyone out and running around in the camper favorite activity, Sock Wars! Now last night Rachael told y’all about the clubs the campers are in and how important these clubs are to them. Well tonight it showed as each club went out to their specific area of camp and got ready to battle the other clubs armed with hundreds of stuffed socks (don’t worry moms, we supply the socks, they’re not throwing their own). Its pretty simple game, we ring the bell and each club tries to tag as many campers in the other club with the stuffed sock without being hit by a sock that a camper in another club threw at them. Just picture a couple hundred girls running, cheering, yelling and throwing stuffed socks at each other. See, its as easy as herding cats!!!

One thing is for sure though, they love it and really get into it. You could hear them yelling and cheering all across the mountain. At the end of the night, after all the yells, cheers, throwing, ducking and dodging they appeared to be out of energy but when we announced the winners, they fired right back up and caused a few widows to rattle on some of the mountain houses they were so loud. I’m sure by now you’re wanting to know just who the winners were so here we go……. Rangers 3rd, Mounties 2nd and the Terrific Troopers 1st!!! Way to go girls.

After all the energy they burned tonight they made their way to the campfire for tonights devotion, some campfire songs and then finally off to bed. I’m happy to report back that as I walked through camp to the office you could only hear the crickets chirping. Those girls were all fast asleep! (I wish I was!!)

Well, speaking of sleep…… Its time for me to head off and wrap up tonights blog and try to get some shut eye of my own. Tomorrow will be another big day as it’ll be time to go straight to the activities and get going with the fun. You guys playing along at home be sure to pace yourself, we have a long way to go this session and were just starting.

Tomorrow night activity will be sports night over on the sports field (that just makes sense…) and just so you know, we won’t have a blog tomorrow night. Our next nighttime chat will be Thursday night. You can still see all the pics (on Waldo) and the daily video (just click our “youtube” icon at the top of the skyline webpage) so You’ll still have a pretty good idea as to how the day went.

Y’all have a great night and get some shut eye, Your campers are doing that right now, I’m about to be doing that, and you should be doing that so you don’t get too burned out while your daughter is here.

See ya on Thursday!