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Happy Humpday to ya parents! Its been full speed ahead here at camp as everyone has been out enjoying the warm weather as they have fun in all the activities. The campers in ropes course were on every single element we have today, they were zip lining, static course walking and of course they were enjoying the V swing as well as the Pamper Pole out n the woods. Not to be out done by their adventureness, the ladies in circus class were busy learning new tricks on the Mexican Cloud swing as well as the silks. You may have seen the silks act performed by cirque du sole or another circus. These girls are learning some of the same tricks they perform and they were doing them quite well I may add.

Before I forget and in case you did see it on our instagram, the Golden Horseshoe was already found this session by the ………….. (can you hear the drum roll in your head???) The Mounties!!! This will give the Mounties a big bump in the points competition that will conclude at the end of the session. Congrats girls and Go Big Red!!

Now back to the rest of the day…. Again, the campers at the waterfront made a big splash getting to cool off in the waters of Little River by enjoying the water slide, the blob and of course just good ole fashioned jumping in. It was a perfectly to do that since there was plenty of sun up here on the mountain all day long. You can tell from the pics on Waldo they were all having a great time cooling off.

As the day came to an end it was time for everyone to come to dinner and enjoy tonight meal of BLT’s, chips, and of course snickerdoodle cookies for desert. but there wa something a little different about dinner. The counselors were all dressed like the boys from Camp Laney as they prepared for tonights activity of Get Skyline back. Now don’t get ahead of me, just take your time and keep on reading to see what it all was about. Would you believe, at the end of the meal, those “boys” who were at dinner with us all jumped up, starting singing some Laney song and running around and then went and “took” the club leaders along with the club flags and leader boxes. Once they took the leaders and their goodies out of the dining hall they hid them in 3 different areas of camp and it was up to your campers to go out and form a rescue of their beloved leaders, flag and club box. Now don’t get too worried, you know your campers aren’t gonna let those “boys” just come in and take their club leaders, just as soon as they finished the last plate of snickerdoodles (you can’t form a rescue on an empty stomach) they headed out and went to gettin after those no good for nothing boys! Of course the counselors were armed with stuffed socks (yea…. we use a LOT of those up here) and all the campers had to do was get 4 campers around the legs of a counselor without getting hit by one of the socks the counselors had. Once all the counselors were “captured” by having the 4 campers around their legs the leader was free and they all went back to the dance hall to get their next clue as to where their flag was and then again to find their club box. You would have been proud of your campers the way they came in wave after wave trying to get to the counselors while avoiding the stuffed socks that were filling the air everywhere you looked. If a camper was hit by a sock all she had to do was report back to the scorers table and then she was right back in the game going after they legs and trying to free their leader or flag. Sounds easy right?? You should try to explain it while typing!!!!

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At the end of the night and after all the counselors were captured and the last sock and clown through the air the final results were……….. (I bet ya hear that drum roll again don’t ya??) Mounties 3rd, Troopers 2nd and the Rockin Rangers in 1st pace!! Congratulations to all you parents of a camper who’s a Ranger (thats the blue club in case you forgot).

Speaking of clubs, we had our club and cabin pictures done today and you can look and see which club your daughter is in by what color she’s wearing. Blue is Rangers, red is Mounties and green is for the Troopers. This is something you done’ wanna forget, these girls take their clubs seriously and heaven forbid you call your daughter by the wrong club name!

Tomorrow will be another fun filled fantastic frenzy of excitement as all the classes are in full swing now. the girls in arts and crafts are starting to finish some of their first projects painting class has some impressive works of art hanging on the walls and even the girls in the shooting classes like archery and rifelry are bringing him some of their targets to hang up for their decoration. When you see some of their targets you’ll understand why!!

Tomorrow night will be Candy Crush night here at Skyline (no, its not the candy crush some of y’all play on your phone). Its a lower paced game that will leave some of the campers framing from laughing so much while they playing. I’ll save the details for tomorrow nights blog and fill ya in then.

Well, I better go check my eyelids for leaks and I intend to do a really good check. several hours I hope. You guys at home should do the same. we’ll see ya back here tomorrow night with another report from all the festivities up here on the mountain.

Y’all have a good night and get som rest….. I intend too!!