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Happy Saturday, Parents! I’m excited to be writing the blog to you all tonight! My name is AC and I’m the nighttime director. I’m super excited that Larry has let me say hello to you all and share about our fantastic Saturday on the mountain! Before I begin our fun and jam packed day, I just want to say WE MISS YOU ALREADY MINIS! Parents, thank you for making our mini check out process so smooth. We are so excited to see you next summer!

After mini closing day, our two week campers continued onto their activities and learning more skills. One thing that I thought I’d share was that some of our mountain biking classes made it all the way to the Georgia state line!! Way to go Mountain biking!

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This session I get to be in third period horseback riding and I LOVE teaching the girls in my ring. They are learning so many different things and catch onto new skills so quickly. Today we went over more posting at the walk so hopefully we can work on our post trot on Monday. If you have no idea what I’m talking about…that’s okay. Just know if your daughter is taking horseback riding, we are having so much fun learning all sorts of new things. My class also had a small ground lesson today where each girl learned how to take off the horses bridle as well as lead them around the ring. But I can’t spend the whole blog talking about my horseback class…let’s hear more about other activities!

Cooking class made strawberry banana smoothies today. They were amazing! I love getting to visit when classes have leftovers. Musical theater finsished blocking and are starting their costume design as well! Sports class had some fun with water balloons today. A great way to cool off on a hot day!

I’m not sure how detailed Larry usually gets with his typical blogs but we had chicken fries for lunch and I’m pretty sure it became a new favorite camp meal for many! After lunch, I hosted audtions for Talent Night during rest hour! Girls that were interested in being apart of Talent Night on Tuesday got to try out for the show by showing me a little bit of what they want to do. Parents, y’all have some talented girls! I am so excited to see the show. We have a few girls performing original songs, some dance and gymnastics routines, and even one girl playing the Jurassic Park theme song on her electric guitar while her friend dances in a dinosaur costume in the background. We have an exciting talent night ahead!

Speaking of night activites…Tonight’s activity was Movie Night! Everyone gathered on the tennis courts with pillows and blankets and enjoyed the movie, “Sing” under the stars. The best part is that when I pick the movie, I usually do not tell a single soul so it is a complete suprise to campers when I turn it on. They were very excited when the opening credits came on.

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Tomorrow is Sunday! We love Sundays at camp. I won’t spoil the entire day to save some for our next blog but I will say that EVERYONE is very excited about a later wake up call tomorrow. I’m excited to get carnival set up and ready for after church. We have so many fun things in store for your campers. We have had such a great day and I can’t wait for our first church service of the summer tomorrow morning!

AC is signing off tonight. Hope you enjoyed our little Saturday highlight. Goodnight, Camp Skyline!

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