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Happy Opening Day! Welcome parents, campers, and Camp Skyline fans! If you are new here, this is where daily camp recaps and updates will be posted this summer. We will be keeping you all up to date on everything the girls get into during their time at camp. Be sure to stick around to the end so I can tell you all about how to get photos of your girls and how to send them notes!

After all the girls got settled in, they were quick to find old friends and make new ones! Camp friends are the best! Then we all headed to the gym to sign up for the activities they will take for the next two weeks. The girls always get so excited to choose their six different activities! We offer everything from tennis to circus and riflery to pottery. Then the ladies went for a camp tour with their counselors and ended up at the BELI DELI! Beli Deli is a fan favorite because the campers get to purchase a refreshing snack and hangout with their new friends.

Opening day is when the first year campers get to join a club! If you are new to Skyline and you don’t know what clubs are, don’t worry, your camper will tell you all about it. But here is a quick run down! Clubs are taken very seriously around here. We have the Rangers (blue), Troopers (green), and Mounties (red) and each camper draws a colored bead to join their club which they will be in for life! Campers will have club competitions all session to build club points, which can win their club awards at our closing banquet! The girls get very excited about their clubs, so you’ll get to hear all kinds of fun stories!

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The famous Lookout Mountain weather really gave us a show today! It was a cool morning, then hot, then WET! We were hit with some thunderstorms after dinner, but that doesn’t stop us! We still had a full night of cabin-fun activities. Hut Row had a karaoke dance party and game night, The Lodge had a spa, painting, and board game night, and the girls across the river had a lip-sync battle! It was a good day at Skyline and we have a bunch of excited campers!

You can see our daily vlog attached at the end of this blog, on our YouTube channel, or through “MY CSR” linked at the top of the webpage. MY CSR will also have a link to the daily pictures, and camper emails! You will especially want to check out our picture program “Waldo” because that is how you will get photos of your camper! You will have access to all 300-500 daily photos but you can also choose to upload a picture of your camper to Waldo and let them use facial recognition to pull photos of your camper. Waldo does charge a small fee for this feature, but it will save you the time of scrolling through so many photos! You can also send your camper a camper email! They are printed every day at 9:30 AM Central Time and delivered at lunch time. Each email costs one dollar, charged to your campers spending account.

At this hour, all the girls are in bed and I’m not far behind them! We have a full day of fun tomorrow and we all need our sleep for an ultimate SOCK WAR tomorrow night!

Goodnight from the mountain!

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