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Happy humpday to ya parents!! Hard to believe its Wednesday already but then again, time files when you’re having fun and your daughters are having plenty of fun this session! This morning was all business in the fun department as everyone was in full swing enjoying their activities. The ladies down at rifelry are some good shots and they were putting it on display for everyone to see. Its always great when a camper finds me to show me her target and then it turns into a daily routine with each grouping each day getting better and better. Its fun to watch them see their own improvement and be proud of they work they’re putting in to accomplish it.

Speaking of accomplishments, you should see some of the art work and poetry work down in the arts center. They’re still works in progress but you can tell they’ve been working hard at making each line just right on everything they’re making. Its also a great activity just to be in on a hot OR rainy day. you get to hang out in the open air pavilion and keep working in the shade and in the dry! Thats something not all activities get to enjoy!!

And while were on that subject, lets just head into the afternoon and change gears. While everyone was enjoying lunch of roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls, Mother Nature decided to drop a frog strangler (that means a LOT of rain to those of y’all not familiar with that term yet). Now it did drop off for just a little bit and just enough time for everyone to get back to their cabins and then it kept raining all through rest hour. Thats not a bad thing though, noting is better thanking a much needed nap (yea… were at that point in the session when their little bodies realize they’re staying busy all day and then into the night and they all start looking forward to rest hour).

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As if right on cue, the rain stopped about 10 minutes before the end of rest hour and everyone sloshed out and we all started our 4th period classes. Which was perfect since my CSR class is still climbing and rappelling ropes on the tower, we’re all good to go! And we were……. for a while, then about 45 min onto the class, Mother Nature was at it again with another free shower which was perfect timing if you wanted to time it just right to rain on all of us when we were on top of the tower! Not to worry, its actually really fun to rappel in the rain as everyone headed down and grabbed their gear to get it out of the rain and join the rest of the outdoor activities in the gym for some serious games of ships and sailors which eventually turned into a massive dodgeball tournament.

By the beginning of the final period of the day, the rain had stopped agin and everyone was back into their normal action of whatever activity they were in. One of the classes the rain did not interfere with was our very popular cooking class. Those girls were learning some new dishes today and unfortunately I didn’t get to stop by and see (or taste) what they were making, you sure could smell it and what ever it was, it smelled good!!! When your daughters get back from camp be sure to have them show ya what they learned in that class, you won’t be disappointed!!

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Tonight’s activity was called “Get Skyline Back” and at dinner the rain had moved on and everyone was enjoying a wonderful dinner of chicken sandwiches and cookies for dessert when all of a sudden our counselors burst into the dining hall and had “taken” the club flags with them, running around the dining hall yelling and singing the club songs. Then as if they had rehearsed it, they grabbed up the club leaders and even the club boxes the leaders had in their possession and took them all outside and ran with all their spoils to hide them out in 3 different areas of camp.

Now you and I both know your campers aren’t just gonna sit around land let this happen without doing something about it so as soon as they finished their cookies (you can’t form a rescue until you finish your cookies) they all headed out, in their club colors to do whatever they had to do to take back their leaders, club flags and club boxes. All they had to do was find where the counselors were hiding them and then get 4 campers around the legs of each counselor at that station and they got their prize back. Only thing is the counselors were armed with stuffed socks (yea… we use a LOT of stuffed socks up here) and if they threw a sock and it hit a camper, that camper had to report back to the scorers table and then they were right back in the game to help their club finish the rescue. Rest assured it didn’t take that long before the leaders the club flag and the club boxes were all safely back in the possession of the rightful clubs!! The winners were the ones that did it in a combination of time and with the fewest campers tagged by the stuffed socks. (its a weird formula but hey, it works!!) After all the shouting, running, diving and dodging the final results were…….

Troopers 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the Mighty Mounties 1st!!!!!

Looks like the Mounties are starting to take a commanding lead in the points cup race that will be decided at the end of the session!! Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Well after all the action and rain today (remember, I was stuck at the top of the tower during that rain storm), I’m just gonna be honest with ya and tell ya I can’t wait to get in the shower and then some sleep. I hope you guys were able to stay dry today and have as much fun as we had up here but I doubt it (for the fun, you probably stayed a LOT dryer than I did or still am at this point).

You guys enjoy the pics and video and then get some rest, some of y’all are starting to look a little tired!!

Y’all get some sleep….. I am!!!