Greetings parents! It was a bit chilly on the mountain today. We had some storms last night and some wind throughout the day, but that didn’t stop us! Our horseback girls are looking rodeo ready and musical theater is ready for Broadway. I have had the best time watching the theater rehearsals, we have some talented girls here at Skyline.

Mountain biking trip to lookout brow mentone alabama.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Mountain biking took a trip to the Mentone brow today! Our photographer tagged along for a mini photoshoot with all the girls and their camp friends. They loved making memories and being able to have some pictures to remember the beautiful scenery.

Riflery activity tie dye.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

The Riflery class tie-dyed bandanas today by shooting dye filled balloons. Y’all should have seen our Riflery-head, Lindsey, covered in dye from head to toe. Two showers later, and she’s still colorful! As you can tell, we had another fun-filled day of activities, one of the last before the girls are headed home.

Tomorrow will only be a half day of activities because it is COLOR WARS!!! This cabin competition starts right after lunch, because all the girls get to jump in the river after! We all get covered and colorful and it makes for the best photos, so be on the lookout for your camper’s face on our Waldo Photosystem!

If you have been keeping up with our Camp Skyline Ranch TikTok account, you have seen our new “Beli Deli Discussion” videos we have been posting everyday. If you haven’t seen them, you should check them out! Every first Beli Deli of the day, a councilor goes around asking a few random campers the question of the day. Today’s question was “Gale or Petta?” It was a big hit, especially with our older campers. We have some Hunger Game enthusiasts here at session one. There was a mixture of responses, but I like to believe Peeta won…

Tonight was the last club competition of the session and we had Speed Challenge! This is a camp favorite because it is so fun and fast paced with tons of different activities. The girls are separated by club and compete with their age groups. Campers have assigned challenges to complete relay-style, and they keep going until the whole list is complete! I can’t even begin to explain all the different things they challenges they are assigned. There’s some piggy-backing, sweeping, hopping, and even crawling… I’m sure your camper is itching to tell you all about it! The girls go all out in their club colors for this last club competition and they cheer so hard for their teammates. The bonds that have been formed in the clubs, across all age groups, is so sweet!

Tomorrow after Color Wars, and everyone is fresh and clean, we have the long awaited TALENT NIGHT!!! Be on the lookout for your talented camper’s pictured and videos! I can’t wait to see what the girls have prepared for us. I am going to head to bed, I have a long day of being impressed by campers tomorrow!

But before I go, would you like to know who won tonights club competition??????

RANGERS first, MOUNTIES second, TROOPERS third!

Goodnight! Rachel