HELLO PARENTS!!! We had a fun day at Camp Skyline Ranch today! We were hit with some rain throughout the night and some light showers throughout the day, but that doesn’t slow us down! With the river being full we are able to have an open fun swim class! The girls were on the blob, the lilly pads, and all in between!

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Your girls had the opportunity to switch classes today and everyone looks happy with their choices! Our outdoor adventure class made smores over a fire and our photography class is already all over campus with their cameras. Our girls in ropes, tower, and circus are already pros at their practice. I witnessed 4 girls make it to the top of the tower and it is only day 2 of activities! My favorite part of my job is being able to float around seeing all the girls having fun and making new friends

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Today was TWIN TUESDAY! We had so many twins at camp today, I thought I was seeing double. We made an adorable TikTok with some of our twins. If you haven’t already, I suggest checking out our TikTok page! Along with our cute TikToks of camp activities, we have also started something called Beli Deli Discussions! Todays discussion was “Which High School Musical Movie is Your Favorite?” The girls get so excited to be interviewed and we always try to get as many answers as possible. You may just see your daughter! And if you don’t have TikTok, don’t worry, we will occasionally post them on our Instagram and Facebook story as well!

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Todays night time activity was SPORTS NIGHT!! We had kick ball, steal the bacon, crab soccer, and dodge ball! It was a cabin competition, so no club winners tonight, but the girls bonded so much! No better way to make good relationships with your cabin mates than saving them from a dodge ball flying their way!

Well guys, all the girls are heading to bed, and I am hoping to be soon behind them. We have a good day ahead of us tomorrow! Goodnight!