Happy Sunday Parents! Sunday is a special day here at Camp Skyline Ranch! We all get to sleep in an extra hour and a half before going to breakfast where we have DOUGHNUTS!!! And not just any doughnut, oh they are so much better. Then the girls all separate to Sunday school with their age groups where they have class led by counselors. Then Church! Skyline has a counselor choir that sounds so beautiful. We all learned about Jesus and his Faithfulness, which digs deeper into this years theme, Faithful.

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After church we have lunch and rest hour, which is much needed so we are at full energy for CARNIVAL!! Carnival is always so much fun with snow cones, popcorn, inflatables, waterslides, and other fun games! This session looked a little different, we were hit with some hefty thunder storms right as the fun was starting! We all hung out in the gym for an hour or so while the storm passed. But no worries, we had an impromptu lip sync battle!!! I think these girls should go on tour, their skills were impressive! The winners got first in line at Beli Deli, so they were competitive!

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We have picnic on Sunday and it is so sweet watching the girls all fellowshipping with their friends they have made at camp. We have an early campfire right after dinner so that we have plenty of time for counselor hunt!! Counselor hunt is basically a HUGE game of hide and go seek, where counselors hide and the clubs look for them! It counts for a ton of club points! Tonights club competition winners are… Rangers First! Mounties Second! Trooper Third!

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The girls are all hanging out and having another campfire, so I am going to go see if I can steal a S’more! Goodnight Y’all!