Hey Parents! Picture this. You’re walking through camp with your cabin, the sun is slowly descending and your hair is quickly rising from the insane mountain humidity. Your stomach is full from the yummy dinner Mrs.Donna prepared and the 5 brookies you scarfed down while singing your cabin song. You just competed in a Fashion Runway and won your cabin a green balloon that you’re almost certain is worth 45 points. You turn the corner, leaving Hut Row, and hear jingle bells. It’s Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. She stops your cabin because Santa needs your help and your brand new green balloon is on the line. None of the reindeer can fly and these Christmas in July gifts aren’t going to deliver themselves. You and your cabin fly with Rudolph whilst singing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” at the top of your lungs. Santa is impressed and you get to keep your balloon!

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That is Candy Crush, today’s night time activity! Candy Crush is a cabin competition, where the girls travel around to different stations completing tasks to win balloons. Different colored balloons are worth different points, some are negative! There are multiple hecklers walking around trying to POP your points!! If you can successfully complete your tasks then you get to keep it, if not, they pop it… At the end of the night, balloons are popped, points are counted, and winners are announced! It is a camper favorite at Camp Skyline Ranch.

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Our day time activities have really taken off and the girls are pros already! I hung out in Circus with our older girls today and their skills impressed me! It is only day 5 and they are soaring. April, a Summer Admin, led Fitness in a pilates class today! The girls love learning something new in their class everyday. CSR had their first off-campus trip today! It won’t be long before they are crawling through caves and repelling off mountain sides.

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The rain has held off for most the day, but it’s coming down now! The campers will sleep great with a cool breeze and the sound of rain throughout the cabin. I’m going to head to bed and enjoy it too! I’ll catch up to you all later! -Rachel