Good evening parents! It is already day six??? I guess time flies when you are having fun! We only have one week left with our fourth session girls, and our summer at Skyline comes to an end. I wish Summer could last forever, and I think your girls would agree!

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This morning and afternoon was a cool, humid day which is great! (For everything but our hair…) That weather makes great camp activity weather! Our gals in painting went out into nature to find rocks to paint, their creativity is inspiring! Circus learned to juggle and some more ground acts, different from their usual flips in the air. Our fun swim classes were all over today utilizing the blob, diving board, and lilly-pads. Sports had such a fun day on the slip-n-slide! By now, all our girls have made new friends in their activities and they are all having a blast together!

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Today was the last day of activities for our mini campers, and we are so sad to see them go! Tonight the mini campers performed their dance for us all and it was adorable! Be sure to watch the daily vlog linked below to see a small clip of it! If you are picking up your mini camper tomorrow then you are going to want to get to camp between 9 AM and 10 AM to load up your camper and her things. Don’t forget to grab any of her fun art and crafts she has made! The T-Shirt Corral will also be open for you and your camper to pick out some goodies!

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Tonight’s scheduled night time activity was the infamous Laney dance but… some unexpected rainy weather forced us to reschedule. Don’t worry though! It is rescheduled for Tuesday night! So instead of dancing tonight, we watched a movie! Moving Movie Night up a day shifted around our night time schedule a bit, so here is what to expect! Tomorrow will be SOCK WARS!!! Then Counselor Hunt Sunday, VMA’s Monday, and Laney Dance Tuesday! The rest of camp schedule will stay the same.

Well parents, I am going to head to bed! Be sure to check out Waldo to see all the fun your camper got into today! Goodnight!