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And a terrific Thursday to ya parents! Its been an awesome day up here on the mountain and I mean that in every since of the word. The day started off like any other summer day up here, waking up to temps in the upper 60s and quickly warming up to the mid 80s by shortly after lunch. All the campers were in full stride as even if they were swimming early in the morning, its was already warm enough for everyone to truly enjoy the river or the pool without the water or air being too cold. As the day went on, so did the number of campers that were flying down the waterslide headfirst into the water of Little River. It’s been few years since I’ve gotten to make that trip but I still remember how much fun it was every time we got to test out the waterslide. The look on the campers faces show they are enjoying it just as much as they glide down to the river going faster and faster. The horseback riders (and more specifically the horses themselves) sure don’t mind the cool mornings were having up here. Even if it heats up quickly each day, everyone seems to have a little extra pep on their step each morning. could be the cool air, could be the sleep from the night before….. who knows.

As promised, I did manage to stop by the cooking class the other day. Let me just start by saying this. If your daughter is taking cooking at Skyline this year, you want to be sure to have her prepare a little something for ya when she gets back home. This ladies are churning out some dad gum good plates of food each day. just the other day they had a delicious pasta salad with a little something extra on the side. Not real sure what it was but it tasted delicious! I though it would be rude to start asking questions when they were offering me some free food, know what I mean??

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Just when the day was staring to reach that “oh boy, its getting a little hot and humid” we had a small front pass through (FROPA if you know, you know) and if you know what FROPA stands for then you know there’s always a wind shift and wind shift we had. The breeze picked up as the clouds rolled through and we had a noticeable drop in the temps. And I mean really noticeable! All of a sudden it was cooler this afternoon than it was in the morning and as all that was going on and the campers were enjoying the free outdoor air-conditioning, Mother Nature decided to give us a little from strangler of a pop and drop that put plenty of water on the ground but only for a little while.

One group that didn’t see as much rain today was our CSR class that took an out of camp trip to do a little rappelling on some natural rock faces over in Georgia. They all did a great job and I was really proud of they way they performed today for they first time on rope in the real world. Tomorrow we’ll head underground and spend the afternoon in a cave in Georgia and enjoy the cool temps (57 degrees…. always!). I’ll have some great pics from that trip for ya when we get back so be sure to check them out if your not claustrophobic!

Back at camp, the campers didn’t let the rain get them down, all the activities that were in their own covered area kept on doing what they do and the outside activities (horseback, ropes, tower and circus) all decided to join together in the gym and enjoy a little game time and singing some music. I would have stayed and hung out with them a little longer but when they started playing Taylor Swift, I have a daily limit of swifty songs of “0”, so it was time for me to go. Some of y’all may be going “I can’t believe you don’t like Taylor” and the dads are going, “I hear ya!!”

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Anyway, after all the activities and rain had finished, it was time for dinner followed by a fun game of “Candy Crush”. Now this isn’t the candy crush some of y’all like to play on your phones, in our version the campers all go around camp, in their cabin groups, and as they are making their way around just enjoying the cool night air, they would happen to run into some “candy makers”. Now these candy makers were dressed up in all sorts of different outfits (you may see George Washington, Woody from Toy Story, several “grand ma’s” and more. These candy-makers happen to have balloons they would blow up and inside of the balloons were different point values and all your campers had to do to get the points/balloon was to perform a “simple” task that would be asked of them by the candy makers. If they performed the task sufficiently the candy maker would hand over the balloon and the campers got to then keep making their way across camp inn search of the next candy maker with another task and balloon.

But with the good there’s always someone up to no good and we also had hecklers (who looked a lot like the candy makers) who would stop the groups and ask them to also perform a little more difficult task. If their task was NOT done sufficiently then the hecklers would take one of the balloons the camper had and bust it! (I know… how RUDE!!!). Not to worry though parents, all your daughters had to do was then go back to the candy maker again and repdo the task again and they could get another balloon. Hopefully this time they would take a different route across camp and try to avoid any hecklers along the way. I gotta hand it to your capers though, they were pretty creative trying to find ways to hide their balloons they had already earned. One area I somehow missed tonight, but happen to see a picture of, the task was to pick a couple campers and have them yell as loud as they can. If you wanna see a funny pic, just find some of the ones yelling loudly and see for yourself.

Well, thats about it for today. If you’ve been going through all the pics then you have to be as tired as I am and we both should get some sleep. Before I go, some of y’all already know this but I wanted to let ya know you can send your camper a waldogram if you would like. The campers love getting these. All you have to do is on Waldo, just lick on one of th buttons on the top and then click Waldogram. This will let ya send an instant post card with 2 pictures included from anywhere on your computer or phone. These can be pics from camp or even regular pics that are already on your phone. Like I said, the campers love them get excited when they get delivered each day.

So…….. again…….. Its already been a long day and the keys on the keyboard are starting to look a little fuzzy (and I know theres at lest one of y’all out there (W.H.) that told me they read EVERY blog and I don’t want to disappoint her) so I’m gonna take this as a hint its time for me to go to bed. I’ll be back tomorrow night and I hope you guys playing along at home will be too so, for real this time…. Y’all have a great night, I gotta catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs……………….