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It’s day 10, parents! It was a beautiful day today at Camp Skyline! We had our activities throughout the day and then had our last club competition of the session. The last few days are always so bittersweet for the girls and for us as well. Everyone has made so many friends and we aren’t ready to depart just yet.

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Tomorrow is the last day of activities of our campers, then Thursday is packing day and all of our Grand Championships. The girls will receive all their badges Thursday night and I know they will be so excited to show you all as soon as you pick them up Friday! As the sessions go along, the girls get better and better at their activities and always impress us all by the end of the session. Just today our CSR girls went caving and learned how to pull a truck up a hill using mechanical advantage! This is a great skill to use when repelling! They made pulling that truck look so easy. Our painting classes made kind words and thank you cards for our staff around camp! I love seeing them showcase their skills to us all! Tomorrow night is Show Time, so our musical theater, gymnastics, dance, and cheer classes are all getting their shows perfected! We have a brand new play for this session and we are all at the edge of our seat to see it!

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The girls and I have been making tiktoks left and right today! Our Beli Deli Discussion was hosted by our very own Talent Night overall winner, Mary Neal , and she asked all her friends “Frio or Candy?” I think we all know what answer had the most votes. Then our ACIT’s FINALLY got to make their long awaited TikTok to the High School Musical song “Work it Out”, they are so funny and I have loved being able to hangout with them all this session. Be sure to check out @campskylineranch to see their masterpiece. THEN I had two lovely ladies, Virginia and Anna, ask if they could interview their friends in Gymnastics class! They were so silly and all the ladies and their coaches loved talking about their favorite gymnastics skills.

Tonights activity was SPEED CHALLENGE! And it was the last club competition of the session so the girls were EXTRA competitive! Speed challenge is a combination of relay races and the girls compete with their age groups for all points to be tallied together for one overall winner! There are things like shoe pile, waitress race, ball sweep, jump rope, and so so SO much more!

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Before I head to bed… do y’all wanna know the speed challenge winners??